The Book of Origins: Genesis

The Book of Origins: Genesis

Genesis simply explained

Philip Eveson

Simple and readable commentary on Genesis. Suitable for preacher and small group leaders.

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As its name implies, Genesis is a book of origins. In it we are told of the origin of the universe, the beginnings of the human race and the birth of the Israelite nation. But it is more than an early record of origins. It is part of God’s Word to us, what the apostle Paul calls ‘God-breathed’ Scripture. Here we are given infallible instruction concerning where we all came from and why things are the way they are.

The book of Genesis is also crucially important for our understanding of the rest of Scripture. It introduces us to the true and living God, to the beginnings of sin, its consequences and how it has affected the whole created order. It also tells of God's grace and of his promises to bless a world of lost sinners under God's curse. We are introduced to God's covenant with Abraham and to the great plan of salvation for all nations. The book is a signpost to the fulfilment of these promises in the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, the redemption he achieved and the new covenant he established through his atoning death.

Part of The Good Book Company's Commentary List, this commentary has been selected because it not only deals faithfully and carefully with God's Word but is readable, practical and accessible as well.

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  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Part 1: The prologue (1:1 - 2:3)
  • Part 2: What heaven and earth produced (2:4 - 4:26)
  • Part 3: What Adam produced (5:1 - 6:8)
  • Part 4: What Noah produced (6:9 - 9:29)
  • Part 5: What Noah's sons produced (10:1 - 11:9)
  • Part 6: What Shem produced (11:10-26)
  • Part 7: What Terah produced (11:27 - 25:11)
  • Part 8: What Ishmael produced (25:12-18)
  • Part 9: What Isaac produced (25:19 - 35:29)
  • Part 10: What Esau produced (36:1 - 37:1)
  • Part 11: What Jacob produced (37:2 - 50:26)
  • Maps


Author Philip Eveson
ISBN 9780852344842
Format Paperback
First published 2009
Dimensions 135mm x 215mm x 32mm
Language English
Pages 592
Publisher Evangelical Press

Other information

Philip Eveson is a Welshman who has studied the biblical languages and theology at the University of Wales, Cambridge and London. He has been the minister of Kensit Evangelical Church for twenty-five years and is now the principal of the London Theological Seminary, where he has lectured since its inception.

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The Book of Origins: Genesis | Philip Eveson | £17.99 £16.19