Teaching Matthew

Unlocking the Gospel of Matthew for the Bible teacher

David Jackman & William Philip

Teaching Matthew will help Bible teachers as well as those simply reading Matthew for themselves.

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Matthew's gospel is a substantial book - its large sections on teaching and theological reflection seeming to predominate over the 'action' of the story. However, precisely because there are such rich seams of theology, and so much teaching from Jesus himself, it is a wonderful treasure-trove.

It also excels as a way of explaining the message of the New Testament gospel so as to open up a sense of its continuity with the whole Old Testament, and the fulfillment of God's covenant promises in Jesus Christ.

Though principally aimed at preachers who are preparing expository sermons, Teaching Matthew will help Bible teachers in a variety of settings as well as those simply reading Matthew for themselves.

Each chapter ends with a brief conclusion to help crystallise your thinking.

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  • Introduction
  • 1. A Map and A Key to Matthew's Gospel
  • 2. A Revolutionary Kingdom
  • 3. Demands that Goes Deep
  • 4. Mission that Claims Everything
  • 5. The Way that Divdes
  • 6. The Truth that Turns Inside Out
  • 7. The Life of a New Community
  • 8. A Unique Authority Pressed Home
  • 9. A Painful Verdict Pronounced
  • 10. A Coming to be Ready For
  • 11. Further Resources for Preaching on Matthew
  • Appendix

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Author David Jackman, William Philip
ISBN 9781845504809
Format Paperback
First published January 2008
Dimensions 130mm x 197mm x 15.4mm
Language English
Pages 230
Publisher Christian Focus
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Teaching Matthew | David Jackman, William Philip | £7.99 £7.19