Sing the Bible CD

Sing the Bible CD

with Slugs & Bugs

Eighteen toe-tapping, captivating songs filled with lyrics straight from Scripture. Features the African Children's Choir.

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These toe-tapping, captivating melodies will have you and your kids memorizing Bible verses without even realizing it!

Features special appearances by the African Children’s Choir, author Sally Lloyd-Jones (A Jesus Storybook Bible, Thoughts to Make your Heart Sing and other brilliant children’s books), and a host of Nashville’s finest musicians (like Buddy Greene and Jeff Taylor).

Randall Goodgame is a critically acclaimed American singer/songwriter, and the creative force behind Slugs & Bugs. He has released 6 solo recordings, and has written many songs for many other artists and projects, including Veggie Tales.

The goal of Slugs & Bugs is to make music the whole family will love.

We believe songs are one of God's powerful tools for building strong relationships. When songs inspire laughter or deep spiritual thought, they can transform a routine car ride into a sweet family experience. Over time, that influence can profoundly impact the culture of the home.

To find out more about Slugs and Bugs, visit their website and blog at, and their YouTube channel.

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  • 1. Freedom (Galatians 5:1; John 8:36)
  • 2. To You O Lord (Psalm 25:1-3)
  • 3. Two Shirts (Luke 3:11, Mark 9:35; Matt. 6:19-21)
  • 4. Deuteronomy 6:5
  • 5. Rejoice (Phil. 4:4-8)
  • 6. Trust In The Lord (Proverbs 3:5-6)
  • 7. Be Dressed (Luke 12:35-37)
  • 8. Alien (Deuteronomy 14:21)
  • 9. Old Testament Song
  • 10. New Testament Song
  • 11. Romans 8 (Romans 8:1-2)
  • 12. Love One Another (John 13:34-35)
  • 13. For Us (1 John 3:16)
  • 14. What Is The Book (Psalm 138: 1-18, 23-24)
  • 15. You Are The Christ (Mark 8:27-28, 31-35)
  • 16. He Will Rejoice (Zephaniah 3:17)
  • 17. Love (1 Corinthians 13:1-2, 4-8)
  • 18. Lord's Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13)


Age range: 3 - 10
Author Randall Goodgame
ISBN 9782739000001
Format CD-Audio
First published 2015
Dimensions 140mm x 120mm x 9mm
Language English
Publisher Slugs and Bugs

Learning Scripture by heart is such a wonderful thing and yet so many of us seem to struggle to do it in a lasting way. Slugs and Bugs is a great way of helping families to do just that. It has a wide (and surprising) selection of verses and has the added bonus of being great music! Such a wide range from the contemplative and thoughtful, to joyful and uplifting and of course a little bit of silliness for good measure.

Slugs and Bugs is a quirky, fun and sure way to help get Bible truth into the hearts of young people and into those that are young at heart!

Cara Smith

Church worker at St. Nicholas Church, Sevenoaks

I think "Sing the Bible" is great because:
- Musically, it's full of interest. There's lots of variety in the style of songs, the vocals used and the instrumentation. It makes use of solos, choirs, duets, backing vocals and has a range instruments and percussion appropriate to the mood and style of the song. The music is used to help communicate what the text is about; it's not merely a vehicle for memorisation as I've found in other scripture-set-to-music for children. I find that my heart is moved as I listen and sing along.
- There's variety in the scripture texts chosen. Some are short with lots of repetition, but there are longer passages, too. It's great to have longer texts set to music.
- It's fun as well as edifying.
And I guess these are some of the reasons why I enjoy listening to it as an adult, and the friends I've given it to who have children can have it playing on repeat (at their children's request) on a long car journey and it doesn't drive them mad.

Sydnie Jordan

Church worker, St. George's Church, Dagenham

Customer reviews

“Great CD would recommend”

Was looking for something to listen to with our wee one in the car that we would enjoy too and this is it.


“Lovely way to learn scripture”

(Review written for 'Sing the Bible CD - Volume 2')

We just love this as a family . It’s a wonderful way to learn scripture and I often hear the kids singing the songs to themselves - no gimmicks just great catchy tunes and straight scripture - love it !


“Beautiful, catchy way to learn scripture”

(Review written for 'Sing the Bible CD - Volume 2')

I love this CD, possibly more than my children, though we are all happy to have it playing in the car. It definitely does resonate with them too, and they are very excited when they come across bible readings when they already know the sung version.



My 3 year old daughter loves these Bible songs. I am so pleased that she has memorized ACTUAL SCRIPTURE because of this CD !! My teenaged daughter and I love the music as well. As a believer in Jesus, I highly recommend this CD!


“Amazing and enriching”

(Review written for 'Sing the Bible CD - Volume 2')

I absolutely love this CD! It's as good or better than the first one. It has a good mix of catchy music designed to help you remember Bible verses. My 3 year old son really likes it, and I love it as well :)


“Excellent quality scriptural music”

(Review written for 'Sing the Bible CD - Volume 2')

Everyone in my family loves slugs and bugs. All my children (5,3,1) love dancing/singing along to the songs which are just scripture set to music. Me and my husband love it too as the music is produced to a very high standard and avoids the ‘cheese’ factor of so much kids music and it helps us memorise scripture too! Happy to have these sing the bible cds on repeat most days without losing our sanity.


“Excellent! A fun way of learning Bible verses!”

Bought this for my granddaughter and I have enjoyed singing the songs also! A fun way of learning bible verses! Excellent!


“Everyone should get this!”

It's a kid and adult friendly CD. It's catchy, teaches good bible verses (some quirky choices - but fun!). They have musically high standards, professionally performed with a variety of styles and flavours (African, Irish, Jazzy, some Paul Simon Rhythm of the Saints echoes etc) and you will find yourself waking up cheerfully singing Scripture! Not just for kids - we adults need these happy reminders too. We bought all 3 CDs!


“Good songs for learning Scripture. Age 5 + ”

Bought these to play in the car for my 3 year old grandson but not really age appropriate. Will keep until he's older.?

Thanks so much for your review Morven. I'm sorry that you think they're not age appropriate. The feedback we get is that they're useful for kids of all ages. Personally my daughter has loved singing and dancing along since she was 2. I hope your grandson grows into them! :)


“To play again and again”

(Review written for 'Sing the Bible CD - Volume 2')

Our family have only recently discovered Slugs and Bugs, but they have quickly risen to the heady heights of joint top Chistian kids musicians. Firstly, we can all cope with listening to it over and over again (yes, adults included), secondly it is hilariously funny at times yet manages to remain thoroughly biblically faithful, already provoking lots of discussions getting us right to the heart of the gospel. I know that soon my children will be asking if we can invite Randall Goodgame for tea, because in their minds, he's as good as a friend!


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