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CY Handbook (ebook)

CY Handbook ebook

A seven-week course for young people

Christianity Explored
from 15 reviews

Handbook for CY - the 11-14 year old's edition of Christianity Explored

Part of the CY series.

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This Handbook is designed for young people on the CY course and is designed to use alongside the CY Leader's Guide. The Handbook features discussion and Bible-study questions, space to make notes and fun cartoons.

CY is a life-changing journey through the Gospel of Mark. In seven interactive sessions, plus a weekend or day away, 11-14 year olds will find out what Christians believe, discover the Bible’s answers to the big questions of life and explore what Christianity is really all about.

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  • 1. CY it’s worth exploring
    2. CY Jesus matters
    3. CY Jesus came
    4. CY Jesus died
    5. CY Jesus lives
    6. CY God accepts us
    7. CY we should believe

  • Life as a Christian
    1. The Holy Spirit
    2. The church
    3. Bible and prayer


Age range: 11+
Contributors Christianity Explored
Format eBook
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company/CE
Customer reviews

29 Oct 2021

“Well thought through and intentional”

(Review written for 'CY Handbook')

This is an excellent resource that you can have confidence in. I looked through it with my couple of younger leaders and we compared it with other resources. There are others out there that look more visually appealing and trendier but if you want confidence in content go for this. It is more intentional with conveying the gospel than the others we looked at. One of my young leaders said ‘we know they will have heard the gospel at the end. We will know what they are saying yes to or rejecting.’ 4 stars only because it needs a bit of a visual update on the booklets

28 May 2019

“Good for our year 6s”

(Review written for 'CY Handbook')

Every year in the summer term, we run the CY course with our year 6 kids. I mix the CY material with the Epic Explorers material to get the right balance for these 10 and 11 year olds. I like the CY handbooks because it gives the kids something to take home each week, and therefore the potential to chat with their parents about things they've discussed in the group. It also provides a focus in the group, and makes each child think about their answers.

11 Apr 2019

“Great Content - Art is dated”

(Review written for 'CY Handbook')

The structure of the course, the layout of the books and the content itself has worked very well for our group - the 'streetwise' art style doesn't detract but isn't massively attractive and is perhaps a little too try-hard for the youth we have been working with. Still, a reliable, recommended resource.

7 Nov 2018

“excellent resource for young teenagers”

(Review written for 'CY Handbook')

I am running a Christian Union for students in my school and have recently started the CY course. The handbook is nicely laid out and has just the right balance between pre-printed information and space for the students to write their own thoughts and notes. The leader's guide is fabulous, too, as it contains notes which help me to give each session's talk myself and tailor it to my group.

28 Oct 2014

“Exactly what we needed!”

(Review written for 'CY Handbook')

We just started this study with our junior highers. All our teens are unchurched and from some very broken backgrounds. This has been a great way to introduce them Christ and His Word without overwhelming them or speaking way over their heads. Thank you for this wonderful resource!!!!!

16 Jun 2014

“Very useful”

(Review written for 'CY Handbook')

I'm doing the CY course with my church 10 and 11 year olds, before they start secondary school. The handbooks for the kids are great. We talk about the questions first, and then they write their answers in. It's an excellent course. It's very clear. For my kids who've made commitments, it confirms their decision and makes them more confident to share it with their friends. For the children that haven't made a decision to follow Jesus, it helps them explore what the gospel is in a safe environment.

31 May 2014

“An excellent resource for 10-14 year olds - thanks! ”

(Review written for 'CY Handbook')

I am finding the CY resources really useful with a small Confirmation group at a prep school - they like the snappy format and relevant way it introduces Christian faith through Mark's Gospel. The questions are thought provoking and intelligent and age specific. The extra resources available, e.g. games and ice breakers, are also really good. Thank you!

22 Nov 2013


(Review written for 'CY Handbook')

This was a quick service, that was easy to use. Absolutely fantastic!

2 Jun 2013


(Review written for 'CY Handbook')

I've used CY Nano for several years now as our basic training for those wanting to become Young leaders in our Holiday Club - usually 12-13 year olds. It's ideal for this, covering the main points of the faith in an unambiguous but attractive way. The fact that it takes place over 7 weeks also enables us to build up a relationship with each of them, and they with each other.

7 Nov 2012

“Useful for the CY course”

(Review written for 'CY Handbook')

These little handbooks are very useful for anyone running a youth edition of Christianity Explored. I do not push my group to fill in every section as I do not want the group to feel like school, but generally they'll add a sentence into each section, and some will write far more! The sections are nice and small, so there is not huge white areas to fill in, and the questions are clearly worded, with bible references and a few little cartoons.
Even the reluctant writers still use the book to prompt them to answer questions or remember what they did last week. The handbooks I bought were the 'Nano' ones for the 11-14yrs but my group are mainly aged 13 -15, with one 16yr old, and these were fine. They're not at all 'babyish', the older ones are fine with them. At the end of each session I collect the books in, and hand them out again next time, as I find if they take them home they forget them the following week! I always promise not to read what they've written, and at the end of the course they can take them home to keep.

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