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Who will be King?

Who will be King?

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Full-colour, durable kids version of the classic 2 Ways to Live tracts.

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in charge of your family?

Or the boss of your school?

Or maybe you'd like to be the king of the whole world and be in charge of everything!

God's book – the Bible – talks a lot about who is king of everything. And it asks a very important question:


But let's start at the beginning...

So it goes on to cover the six basic points:
1. God is the kind creator
2. We say 'No' and make a mess
3. People can't say no to God, there is a punishment
4. Because of his love, God sent his Son Jesus to take our punishment
5. God brought Jesus back to life, and made him king over all
6. There are 2 ways to live: with or without Jesus - only one has a future

Then it has memory verses and all the diagrams at the back.

It's printed in full colour, on glossy durable paper with bright & clear illustrations and large text–making it ideal for camps etc. Large discounts on quantity.

Product details


Age range: 5 - 12
Contributors Phillip Jensen
ISBN 9781876326722
Format Other printed item
First published January 2004
Dimensions 140mm x 140mm x 1mm
Language English
Pages 20
Publisher Matthias Media
Customer reviews


“A brilliant summary of the Gospel message accessible for children”

I have used this leaflet in a number of diferent ways when working with young people, most recently we encouraged our teenagers to run a family service based on 2 ways to live and gave out a 'Who will be king?' leaflet to each primary school aged child for them to take home with the encouragement that they practice how they can tell people the Gospel with 6 drawings and to memorise the verse to help them - and to encourage their parents to help them with this. This is the most simple way of explaining the full Gospel message that I know and I will be ordering more in the future for sure.


“Great little booklet”

I have been using this booklet for a few years now and find it so helpful in clearly explaining the gospel message. The simple language and helpful pictures mean it can used for everyone from young children upwards. We have used it when doing evangelistic events, in schools, holiday clubs, Sunday school and even given them away on Whit Walks. I always try to keep a few handy to give away.



A brilliant resource to explain the gospel to children. We use it every year at our SU camp. The content and pictures are great.


“An excellent resource!”

We bought many copies of this handy evangelistic booklet for children, as our church is involved in schools work. When Year 5 children visit our church, the pastor gives a brief presentation of the gospel using pictures similar to those in the booklets. Then the children each receive a copy of the booklet to complete comprehension-style questions. It is a clear and faithful way of presenting the gospel to this age group and the children found it interesting to work from. They at least had a good head-knowledge of the gospel by the time we'd finished - we pray its message will find a lasting place in their hearts too! We would recommend 'Who willl be King?' to anyone working with primary school aged children, either in schools or church clubs.


“Not just for children!”

Bought a stack to give out at the end of our summer holiday club. Clear Gospel presentation that older children can read themselves. Younger ones do need adult help, but can begin to understand the pictures. Used the verses as "thought for the day" with my adult helpers at holiday club - they appreciated the simple yet powerful explanantion of the Good news.


“A great resource for sharing the gospel with kids”

Based upon 'Two Ways to Live' this little booklet is a great resource for sharing the gospel with kids. It is well presented, colourful, and strikes the right balance between biblical content and visual illustrations. We used this booklet with our younger youth group and found that the kids engaged well with the message, and what they read spark some lively debate!


“no mention of the Holy Spirit”

This little booklet is very good and clear about making a choice to live God's way or not, but it doesn't mention anything about God helping us to live His way once we have decided to follow Him or about Him sending the Holy Spirit to live in us and help us live God's way - it make it seem that we have to do it in our own strength.
It's a shame as it is a very well written booklet for what it does include.


“Really great gospel explanation for kids”

I bought a load of these to give out at a recent Family Service, to help kids understand the good news of Jesus and his sacrifice, and how to become one of his followers. This is an excellent resource, especially combined with a talk on the same subject.


“A great summary of the Bible's message for children”

We used this booklet over the Summer to teach the children in Sunday School what the big themes of the Bible are. The most helpful tract I know of for children.


“A clear and faithful summary of the gospel for children”

Who will be king is a really useful little booklet that explains the whole message of the Bible in a clear, simple and faithful way, which children can easily understand. It's a great booklet to go through with children to help explain the good news about Jesus.

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