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Philippians For You (Spanish)

Philippians For You (Spanish)

Shine with joy as you live by faith

Expository Bible-study guide to Philippians showing how to live whole-heartedly, distinctively and hopefully, whatever our circumstances.

Part of the God's Word For You series.


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The book of Philippians is about how to live with great joy and firm faith even when circumstances are hard. Written by Paul from his prison cell, it calls us to rejoice together as we shine gospel hope in a generation that does not know Christ. Dr Steven Lawson brings his trademark faithfulness, precision and passion to this wonderful letter.

There is an accompanying Good Book Guide available for studying Philippians in small groups.

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  • Introduction
    1. A Personal Letter (1:1-2)
    2. A Pastor's Heart (1:3-11)
    3. The Indomitable Gospel (1:12-20)
    4. A Man Ready to Die (1 :21-26)
    5. Living for the Gospel (1 v 27-30)
    6. High Call to Lowly Humility (2:1-11)
    7. Sanctification 101 (2:12-18)
    8. Service in Action (2:19-30)
    9. Rejoice in the Lord (3:1-3)
    10. Surpassing Value (3:4-9)
    11. Right Christian Living (3:10-21)
    12. Conflict Management (4:1-5)
    13. Peace of Heart, Purity of Mind (4:6-9)
    14. Living Above your Circumstances (4:10-14)
    15. Gratitude, Glory, and Grace (4:15-23)


Contributors Steven J Lawson
ISBN 9781950417339
Format Paperback
Dimensions 138mm x 210mm x 12mm
Weight 0.28 kg
Language Spanish
Pages 240
Publisher Poiema

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