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Esther and the Very Brave Plan

from 5 reviews

Brings to life the Bible story of Esther for young children.

Part of the Very Best Bible Stories series.

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In this faithful retelling of a classic Bible story, children 2-4 years old will discover how God used Esther to protect his people from an evil plan. Children will learn that God's plans to rescue his people never fail.

Contains bright, fun-filled illustrations by Jennifer Davison.

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Age range: 2+
Contributors Tim Thornborough, Jennifer Davison
ISBN 9781784986209
Format Hardback
First published August 2021
Dimensions 210mm x 210mm x 9mm
Weight 0.22 kg
Language English
Pages 24
Publisher The Good Book Company

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Customer reviews

15 Nov 2021

“Great version of Esther for little ones!”

I love how this story is simplified but still accurate. The illustrations and way it is written will very much appeal to little ones while reinforcing the truth that God is in control and has a plan.

16 Oct 2021

“Wonderful way to introduce little kids to big Bible Truths!”

My kids, especially my 2 girls, love the story of Esther. They love visualizing her splendor as queen and learning about how God used her to save His people. The illustrations in this series is always so wonderfully done with more accurate skin tones for Bible characters. Although I don’t typically prefer “cartoonish” characters for Bible stories, this series is so well done and my kids thoroughly enjoy them. This book does a great job at telling the story of Esther in terms that kids will understand. My favorite page is the last page which reads “God’s plans always come true - even when we can’t see how - and even when things seem to be going wrong.” What an excellent reminder for Christians - both children and adults - as they read this book!

8 Sep 2021

“God’s Rescue”

How can you teach your children about the sovereignty of God? In Esther and the Very Brave Plan, Tim Thornborough & Jennifer Davison bring to life the Bible story of Esther for young children.

Plan and Protection

With a faithful yet child-friendly retelling of the story of Esther, Tim Thronborough will help you share God’s plan for and protection of his people. God is seen as central in this story, and he is seen to be secretly working to make his plans happen.

God’s Rescue

What I most appreciated about this book was Jennifer Davison’s beautiful illustrations. They are cute and fun, and popping with color. But what most impressed me were the skin tones of the Biblical characters. These characters are expressive and really come to life. Your children will be captivated by this story as they see how God’s rescue plans never fail.

I received a media copy of Esther and the Very Brave Plan and this is my honest review.

1 Sep 2021

“Great Adaptation of Esther for Young Children”

This picture book retells the biblical story of Esther in a way that is faithful to the source material while simplifying details of the plot for young children. Tim Thornborough writes in a kid-friendly style, and throughout the book, he emphasizes that even though the human characters all had different plans, God had a plan and was working out the details in all that happened. Jennifer Davison's illustrations are vibrant with rich, bright colors, and she draws elements of Persian culture into her visual representations of the story, such as when she portrays characters with cuneiform tablets. The book ends with a message of encouragement, saying that God will always work out His plans, even when it seems like everything is going wrong.

"Esther and the Very Brave Plan" is a great book for Christian families, churches, and Christian schools, and because the illustrations are so bold and striking, the book can be engaging and eye-catching from a distance, if a teacher is holding it up for a group of kids to look at. The book also has a solid rhythm to the text that lends itself well to a read-aloud. This adaptation of the Esther narrative for young readers does simplify some details from the source material, but the text is faithful to the overarching narrative and themes, even as the author drops some nuances from the plot and characters to condense the story to twenty-four pages. This is a great introduction to the story for young children, especially since it represents the racial and cultural background of the historical events, and parents and teachers can enjoy this as well.

24 Aug 2021


As a mother to a daughter it is my hope and prayer that my girl grows up to know God’s word, live for God and stand strong for His principles, with bravery, just as Queen Esther did.

Esther and the Very Brave Plan summarizes the story of King Ahasuerus, Esther, Mordecai and Haman, as told in the book of Esther in the Bible. This delightful retelling makes this complicated and sinister Biblical history very simple for small children to understand, while also instilling in their hearts that God has a plan for everything and even if we don’t understand it, it will come true. It also encourages young hearts that God is always watching, planning and working to care for His people.

Throughout the story, there are repetitive words that make the story fun, engaging and drive home the message God gave us in the book of Esther. The illustrations are bright and eye-catching with the characters being expressive and colorful. For me, this book created many additional opportunities to start conversations with my daughter about the wickedness of Haman, the bravery of Esther and Mordecai and the faithful protection God offers His people - a truth I would love to tuck inside my daughter’s heart.

In closing, this is a definite recommendation from me for your little one’s library!

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Esther and the Very Brave Plan | Tim Thornborough, Jennifer Davison |
£6.99 £5.94