The Great Reformation

The Great Reformation

A wide-ranging survey of the beginnings of protestantism

R Tudur Jones
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A wide-ranging survey of the beginnings of protestantism.

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When the Augustinian monk Martin Luther rediscovered the biblical truth that God graciously justifies sinners, he had no idea to what this would lead - a religious awakening which profoundly altered the course of European history. Though the Reformation is oftern regarded as a closely integrated movement, it in fact took many forms. It therefore requires a wide-ranging analysis. This Dr R Tudur Jones skillfully provides in a survey which ranges from Iceland to Poland, from Wales to Spain.

Here is a concise and readable introduction to a critical period in the life of the church.

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  • Preface
  • 1. Roman Catholicism in crisis
  • 2. Pioneers of reform
  • 3. Signs of renewal
  • 4. The gate of paradise
  • 5. True forgiveness
  • 6. The unforgettable stand
  • 7. Zwingli's call to action
  • 8. From loneliness to social tumult
  • 9. The Word of God remains for ever
  • 10. Advance and dissent at Zurich
  • 11. Militant Protestantism
  • 12. New evangelical strongholds
  • 13. A challenge to Christendom
  • 14. Restoration, revolution and reason
  • 15. Reform in Denmark, Norway and Iceland
  • 16. Reform in Sweden and Finland
  • 17. A glorious and sweet society
  • 18. A royal dissenter
  • 19. A reluctant reformer
  • 20. The Christian's service
  • 21. A school of Christ
  • 22. War and peace in Germany
  • 23. The struggle for reformation in France
  • 24. A young Josiah
  • 25. Reaction and settlement
  • 26. Anglican reformation in Wales
  • 27. Conflict in Ireland
  • 28. Blasts on the trumpet
  • 29. Water and blood
  • 30. Militant Calvinism
  • 31. Dissent in Italy
  • 32. Brief harvest in a golden age
  • 33. The clash of convictions in Poland
  • 34. Argument and liberty in Hungary
  • 35. In the steps of John Hus
  • 36. The revival of Roman Catholicism
  • 37. The heart of the Reformation
  • 38. Life is religion
  • Further reading
  • Name and subject index


Author R Tudur Jones
ISBN 9781850491279
Format Paperback
First published March 2004
Dimensions 148mm x 230mm x 19mm
Print size 10pt
Language English
Pages 288
Publisher Bryntirion

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'The Great Reformation is an outstanding text. It is well conceived, clearly written and academically sound...a most satisfying introduction to a vital period in the history of the church.'
- Mark A Noll, professor of church history, Wheaton College, USA

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“Don't bother with this book”

This book is a mixed blessing in some ways. One book devoted to a subject as complex as the reformation is bound to be shallow, but I felt that this one was particularly so. It does have chapters devoted to the Reformation in Finland, Hungary and Poland, unlike most general books on the subject, but this doesn't make up for the lack of detail about everything else.

It reads like a text book, which means that a general reader would find it boring. Unfortunately there is such lack of depth that a reader who can stand the academic style of the writing would not be very interested either. I do not know what kind of reader I would be able to recommend this book to.

As a matter of fact, I had brought it into the office today in order to drop it off at a charity shop.



This book is a realy good read. It is well written and a perfect partner for the Moore College Reformation Module. There is a lot of information included but presented well so you don't get bogged down. Definately one I would recommend reading if you are interested in this period of history

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