Gospel Shaped Mercy - SD Episodes (Multi User)

Gospel Shaped Mercy - SD Episodes (Multi User)

The Gospel Coalition Curriculum

Every episode of Gospel Shaped Mercy track available to download in SD (576p)

Part of the Gospel Shaped Church series.

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1. Shalom - Part 1.mp4
1. Shalom - Part 2.mp4
1. Shalom - Part 3.mp4
2. Justice - Part 1.mp4
2. Justice - Part 2.mp4
2. Justice - Part 3.mp4
3. Love - Part 1.mp4
3. Love - Part 2.mp4
3. Love - Part 3.mp4
4. Mercy - Part 1.mp4
4. Mercy - Part 2.mp4
4. Mercy - Part 3.mp4
5. Generosity - Part 1.mp4
5. Generosity - Part 2.mp4
5. Generosity - Part 3.mp4
6. Reconciliation - Part 1.mp4
6. Reconciliation - Part 2.mp4
6. Reconciliation - Part 3.mp4
7. Diversity - Part 1.mp4
7. Diversity - Part 2.mp4
7. Diversity - Part 3.mp4
GSC Mercy Trailer.mp4
Meet the Presenter - Stephen Um.mp4
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These episodes are in Standard Definition and are suitable for playing on smaller screens, laptops, tablets, ipads and mobile devices. Each episode is between 80-100Mb.

Gospel Shaped Mercy is a seven-week track which explores what it means to be a community engaging with the world with compassion and justice.

How should Christians live? The church should be a distinctive community of God’s people—but how different are we from the rest of the world? This track helps us untangle some of the false ideas and traditions that evangelicals have had in the past, and reveals the more deeply challenging picture that emerges from Scripture.

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  • 1. Shalom
  • 2. Justice
  • 3. Love
  • 4. Mercy
  • 5. Generosity
  • 6. Reconciliation
  • 7. Diversity


Author Stephen Um
Format Digital Download
First published April 2016
Language English
No. of studies 7
Publisher The Good Book Company
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