Tyndale OT Commentary: Psalms (ebook)

Tyndale OT Commentary: Psalms ebook

Tremper Longman III

Tremper Longman's commentary on the entire book of Psalms

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The book of Psalms is the heart of the Old Testament, the libretto of the most vibrant worship imaginable. It informs our intellect, stimulates our imagination, arouses our emotions and stirs us to holy thoughts and actions. It is also a pivotal witness to, and anticipation of, Jesus Christ.

Tremper Longman's commentary interprets each psalm in its Old Testament setting, summarizes its message and reflects on its significance from a New Testament perspective, noting any citation and also providing a Christological reading.

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  • Contents
  • General preface
  • Author’s preface
  • Introduction
  • 1. Title of the book
  • 2. Titles to the individual psalms
  • 3. Composition, collection, organization, use
  • 4. Genre and types of psalms
  • 5. Poetic style
  • 6. The theology of the book of Psalms
  • 7. The Psalms as a mirror of the soul
  • 8. Worship
  • 9. How to read this commentary
  • Commentary
  • Book 1 Psalms 1
  • Book 2 Psalms 42
  • Book 3 Psalms 73
  • Book 4 Psalms 90
  • Book 5 Psalms 107 – 150


Author Tremper Longman III
ISBN 9781783592425
Format eBook
Language English
Pages 479
Publisher IVP
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Tyndale OT Commentary: Psalms (ebook) | Tremper Longman III | £16.99 £13.59