Philippians: Partners for Life

8 interactive Bible studies for small groups and individuals

Tim Thorburn
from 9 reviews

Philippians encourages us to be partners in the gospel; giving, praying and serving the household of God.

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It's a favourite Christian letter, with its commands for us to rejoice in the Lord, to live in peace, to seek unity and to imitate the humility of our Saviour. Philippians also encourages us to be partners in the gospel–partners with others in giving, praying and serving the household of God. We are also warned not to be partners with those who oppose a life worthy of the gospel. In short Philippians teaches us partnership for life.

In these 8 interactive studies, we explore the meaning of partnership, the threats to it, and the means by which we can persevere, knowing that "to live is Christ, and to die is gain".

Ideal for both individuals and groups.

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  • How to make the most of these studies
  • 1. Partners in the gospel
  • 2. Praying for partners
  • 3. Finding freedom
  • 4. Jesus on unity
  • 5. Meeting the challenge
  • 6. True confidence
  • 7. Going for glory
  • 8. Standing firm

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Author Tim Thorburn
ISBN 9781921896187
Format Saddle stitch
First published January 2004
Dimensions 167mm x 240mm x 5mm
Language English
Pages 80
No. of studies 8
Publisher Matthias Media
Customer reviews



Our small group of elderly people -mostly Christians of long standing - have found this study course to be helpful in opening their eyes to more of St. Paul's situation, and how part of the early church existed in its day. Some of the questions and references are a bit repetitive but nonetheless helped us to take a deeper look at this Epistle than we might otherwise have done. Linking the thoughts to our own daily lives as Christian believers was also a useful exercise. Not the deepest of studies, but gently helpful.



I have used these studies with a group of mature Christians and have found many of the questions to be challenging as we have looked at the priorities in Paul's life as stated in this letter. Some of the questions appear repetitive but have helped to underline the meaning for us.


“A useful resource”

Using this book in a study group of around 10. We read each chapter individually as 'homework' and focus on the main themes in our study. The chapters are very helpful in taking you through every verse and theme of the section. The book as a whole doesn't really take you into the full implications of discipleship as Paul sets it out in Philippians, and the overall theme of "partnership" is a little contrived (though neat) as it is not obviously a key word in Philippians. However, this study guide is useful as a way of getting everyone to the same starting point and allows the leader to focus in more detail on key verses. On that basis I recommend it.



I used this Book to prepare for a HomeGroup of some newly converted and some very established Christian Members but found I could not use the book as it stood. Too much to explain! But it was helpful in my preparation. I also tried to use it to prepare a Bible Study for a group of Kenyan Women and again useful as an aid.


“Very helpful book”

Used this book in a group of 8 and found it very helpful. It is thought-provoking, probing and encouraging. Straightforward to use, it has been of benefit to both new and older believers in our group.


“excellent for our group”

A very good introduction to paul for our new group. Our bible study group has members for whom this is their first formal bible study and having used the Marks gospel, we felt it would be good to study one of Puls letters.
Sometimes the questions are overtly simple, but the variety of tasks, investigation,reading and questions have helped us to explore more deeply what paul meant and what it means for us. It is not necessary to do absolutely every exercise and the book helps to go at the speed that the group wishes



We're using this as a a Housegroup Bible Study guide.
The questions are really helpful in getting to the meaning and the messaage of the Philippians along with the udlerlyingv themes. This is the 3rd time we have used this particular series on our church housegroups


“excellent fresh look at a well known book”

I have used 'Partners for life' studies in Philipians with a mature Christian group and found the questions brought a new freshness and challenge to very practical book. we all benifited from these very down to earth practical studies in Christian living.


“Generlly good”

There are good questions for each passage, not too general. However I felt that the studies could be tied together better so you get more of an idea of the flow of the book which is difficult when you do it on a weekly basis, ie summarising the previous passage before you look at the next.

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Philippians: Partners for Life | Tim Thorburn | £3.50 £2.80