Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity

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In Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, Nabeel Qureshi describes his dramatic journey from Islam to Christianity, complete with friendships, investigations, and supernatural dreams along the way.

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“Truly a 'must-read' book.”

Ravi Zacharias
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In Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, Nabeel Qureshi describes his dramatic journey from Islam to Christianity, complete with friendships, investigations, and supernatural dreams along the way.

Providing an intimate window into a loving Muslim home, Qureshi shares how he developed a passion for Islam before discovering, almost against his will, evidence that Jesus rose from the dead and claimed to be God. Unable to deny the arguments but not wanting to deny his family, Qureshi’s inner turmoil will challenge Christians and Muslims alike.

Engaging and thought-provoking, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus tells a powerful story of the clash between Islam and Christianity in one man’s heart—and of the peace he eventually found in Jesus.

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Author Nabeel Qureshi
ISBN 9780310527237
Format Paperback
First published April 2016
Dimensions 138mm x 214mm x 20mm
Language English
Pages 296
Publisher Zondervan

A deeply personal, heart-wrenching, and tear-evoking saga of the life of a young Muslimgrowing up in the West; a gripping biography that is impossible to put down!

James M. Tour

Professor of Chemistry, Rice University

I have seldom seen such genuine intellect combined with passion to match ... truly a 'must-read' book.

Ravi Zacharias

I unreservedly recommend this book to all - it will feed your heart and mind, while keeping your fingers turning the page

Josh D. McDowell

Independent reviews

Seeking Allah, finding Jesus

Gladys Nash, February 1st 2017

This book, with its short chapters and narrative style, will give you an insight into the Muslim heart and mind, and the inner struggle of a Muslim called to faith in Christ. You will learn not just about the way the truths of the gospel challenge Islam, but much about the way to defend the truth and how to ‘give a reason for the hope that is in you’.... continue reading


Dr Sharon James, Evangelicals Now, March 9th 2017

A book like this is a timely reminder that many of them are far from violent, and, that many are seeking a true knowledge of God. Even more importantly, it is a great encouragement to pray for Muslims to be converted to Christ. Nabeel’s testimony is a wonderful example of someone who was impacted by the faithful and patient witness and prayers of a true Christian friend.... continue reading

Customer reviews

“An outstanding challenge!”

At the time of writing this, I have three very different books on my desk dealing with Islam. All three are excellent but this one, ‘Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus’, is outstanding. I say this for five reasons: Firstly, it is an easy read. In short chapters it takes the reader through the many phases of Nabeel Qureshi’s life, from infant to adult, from the very first family experiences of Islam to his eventual discovery and acceptance of Christ. Despite its 360+ pages, it was very difficult to put the book down – curiosity insisted on finding out ‘What happened next?’ Secondly, on almost every page there are helpful ‘boxouts’ where simple definitions, predominantly of Arabic words, are explained in the margins. This is a particularly helpful aspect when dealing with an unknown language. Thirdly, I found the whole book a very heart-warming challenge as to what I believe and why. It reminds one not to go through rituals just because it is ‘what we do’ but to encourage us all to ‘have a reason for the hope that is within us’. But fourthly, and probably the main reason for the book, it helps Christians, in particular, to understand the serious problems of a ritualistic religion that embeds routines and allegiances which enforce a culture of honour versus shame, of assumed innocence versus guilt. As I have discovered, this should be essential reading for anyone counselling either committed Muslims or the many disaffected by the failures of Islam. Finally, as we live in an increasingly democratic or diverse society, I believe that all Christians should be aware of what a wide open field we have unto harvest: thinking of those working on mission fields abroad, towards resident Muslims in our own country and also our immigrant and refugee population as we attempt to show forth the Loveliness of our risen and reigning Lord Jesus Christ.


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Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus | Nabeel Qureshi | £12.99 £9.99