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School Survival

School Survival

A guidebook for coping with life and changing school.

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School is a place where we should make lasting friendships but sometimes we can have problems. Life can be difficult and often it's a fight just to survive! The whole friendship and getting on with people thing is a challenge.

Reading this book will help you think about those challenges.

There is loads of advice and input - from people your age too - but God has some advice as well. The words and stories from the Bible are God's guidebook for our lives. This book will point you straight to those parts of the Bible that will help you tackle trick friendship issues, life and school.

God's word has the best of everything in it to help you cope with school, life and beyond.

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  • Topic 1: Starting a New School
    Topic 2: Everyone is Different
    Topic 3: Give it a Try!
    Topic 4: What is Bullying?
    Topic 5: When I Am Alone
    Topic 6: Sticks and Stones
    Topic 7: Gossip
    Topic 8: Talking about God
    Topic 9: Helping Friends with Problems
    Topic 10: Praying for our Friends
    Topic 11: When Things go Wrong
    Topic 12: Church Friends
    Topic 13: Online Friends
    Topic 14: Top Tips for Friendship


Age range: 8+
Contributors Louise House, Catherine House
ISBN 9781845503536
Format Paperback
First published January 2008
Dimensions 135mm x 215mm x 11mm
Weight 0.15 kg
Language English
Pages 112
Publisher Christian Focus
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School Survival | Louise House, Catherine House |
£5.99 £4.99