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Romans 8-16: In view of God's mercy (Portuguese)

Romans 8-16: In view of God's mercy (Portuguese)

7 studies for groups and individuals

Timothy Keller

Timothy Keller shows groups how to live life in response to God's mercy, by the power of his Spirit.

Part of the Good Book Guides series.


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Timothy Keller says that Romans 8 contains the secret to real life change. In this seven-study guide, he takes groups through that chapter and the rest of the second half of the book of Romans. Keller's trademark gifts of making the complex clear and the difficult joyful will mean Christians will love studying the Bible alongside this resource, and be inspired to apply it to their hearts and lives.
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  • Introduction
  • Why study Romans 8–16?
  • Timeline
  • 1. The life of the Spirit (8:1-13)
  • 2. Glorious adoption (8:14-39)
  • 3. Sovereign mercy (9:1 – 10:4)
  • 4. The gospel and Israel (10:5 – 11:36)
  • 5. New relationships (12 – 13)
  • 6. The weak and the strong (14:1 – 15:1)
  • 7. Ministry and mission (15 – 16)
  • Leader's Guide


Contributors Timothy Keller
Format Paperback
Language Portuguese
Pages 96
No. of studies 7
Publisher Vida Nova

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