Rhythms of Grace

How the Church's Worship Tells the Story of the Gospel

Is it singing? A church service? All of life? Helping Christians think more theologically about the nature of true worship

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Is it singing? A church service? All of life? Helping Christians think more theologically about the nature of true worship, Rhythms of Grace shows how the gospel is all about worship and worship is all about the gospel. Mike Cosper ultimately answers the question: What is worship?

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  • 1. The Song of Eden
  • 2. Worship in the Wilderness
  • 3. The Song of Israel
  • 4. The Song of Jesus
  • 5. Worship One, Two, Three
  • 6. Worship as Spiritual Formation
  • 7. Worship and the Story of the Church
  • 8. Liturgy and the Rhythms of Grace
  • 9. Sing, Sing, Sing
  • 10. The Pastoral Worship Leader

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Author Mike Cosper
ISBN 9781433533426
Format Paperback
First published March 2013
Dimensions 140mm x 215mm x 13mm
Language English
Pages 224
Publisher Crossway

Matt Chandler

Lead Pastor, The Village Church, Dallas, Texas; President, Acts 29 Church Planting Network; author, The Mingling of Souls and The Explicit Gospel

I have read and heard preached a ton on the reality that ‘all of life is worship.’ It is and I wouldn’t want to argue that point, but what about when the covenant people of God gather together? Are there not some ways God desires us to worship corporately that can differ from how we worship in ‘all of life’? Mike has served the church well with Rhythms of Grace. I was both convicted and compelled as I read it.

Sandra McCracken


Mike Cosper is uniquely gifted as both a musician and a pastor to speak into the culture where art and church meet and mesh. This is an important book for folks thinking about what it is to be a musician, a worship leader, and everything in between. The historic question of how we worship on Sunday and with our lives is an important one to keep asking because the songs we sing have the power to shape who we are and who we will become as individuals and as a community.

R. Albert Mohler Jr.

President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Years ago, A. W. Tozer remarked that worship was the missing jewel of the evangelical church. Since that time, evangelicals have been engaged in an urgent and sometimes feverish struggle to determine the nature of true biblical worship. In Rhythms of Grace, Mike Cosper takes us back to first principles and roots his understanding of worship deeply within the context of the Christian gospel. This is a book that will offer much to Christians and church leaders seeking to understand worship. It is both biblical and deeply practical, and it is written by an author who has deep experience in the worship life of a thriving and faithful congregation.

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