We value your loyalty 

Thank you so much for buying from us.

We value your custom and are keen to give you something back as a token of our appreciation.

That's why we've got loyalty rewards vouchers. You accumulate loyalty rewards at a rate of £2.50 for every £50 you spend and you will be emailed a voucher. If you visit your profile page,  you will see how near you are to receiving your next one. Loyalty reward vouchers are only sent by email and therefore you need to be opted in to our emails in order to both accumulate and receive them.

You will be emailed a code with an expiration date. This voucher can be used as payment or part payment for a single website order, including shipping.  

Once you have received a voucher, all you have to do is: 

  1. Browse our product range at www.thegoodbook.co.uk
  2. Add products to your basket
  3. Enter your code in to the "Discount code" box. Your discount will be applied.