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Read Mark Learn: John

Dick Lucas
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A series of small group Bible studies on John's Gospel.

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Read, Mark, Learn is a series of small group Bible studies that aims to equip people both to study God's word for themselves and to be able to teach it to others. Its goal is that people should know God and His purposes better and in this way know His purpose for their lives.

Books of the Bible are studied in their entirety, in the belief that as God's word is taught in context, so His voice is heard. This particular course is made up of 30 studies from John's Gospel, and provides notes for group leaders to base their studies on.

Each study provides notes on:

- the context, structure and aim of the passage
- Old Testament background
- the meaning of each part of the text, with key themes highlighted
- practical applications
- suggested questions for leading a study

A separate section at the back of the book contains questions that can be photocopied for group members to prepare in advance, so that they are equipped to make the most of each study.

Read, Mark, Learn has been developed over a number of years by one of London's leading churches, St Helen's, Bishopsgate, and is use by numerous churches nationally and internationally.

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  • - Foreward
    • - Introducing 'Read Mark Learn'
    • - Introducing the Study Notes
    • - Introducing John's Gospel
  • Study 1: John 1:1-18 God on earth!
  • Study 2: John 1:19-51 'We have found the Messiah!'
  • Section Notes: John 2:1-:54
  • Study 3: John 2:1-25 God's king is here. Glory! Judgement!
  • Study 4: John 2:23-3:36 Entry into the kingdom of God
  • Study 5: John 4:1-45 The Saviour of the world!
  • Section Notes: John 5:1-10:42
  • Study 6: John 5:1-47 He came to His own (1)
  • Study 7: John 6:1-40 He came to His own (2)
  • Study 8: John 6:41-71 He came to His own (3)
  • Study 9: John 7:1-52 His own did not receive Him
  • Study 10: John 8:12-59 Children born not of natural descent
  • Study 11: John 9:1-41 Born of God
  • Study 12: John 10:1-42 The Good Shepherd
  • Section Notes: John 11:1-20:31
  • Study 13: John 11:1-54 'I am the resurrection and the life'
  • Study 14: John 11:55-12:50 Death in this world - Life in eternity
  • Study 15: John 13:1-30 The cross is central!
  • Study 16: John 13:31-14:4 'Lord, where are you going?'
  • Study 17: John 14:5-14 'How can we know?... Show us!'
  • Study 18: John 14:15-31 'Show us... Why us and not the world?'
  • Study 19: John 15:1-17 'I am the true vine'
  • Study 20: John 15:18-16:4 The disciples' relationship with the world
  • Study 21: John 16:5-33 'I am going to the Father'
  • Study 22: John 17:1-26 Jesus prays for His disciples
  • Study 23: John 18:1-27 'Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me?'
  • Study 24: John 18:28-19:16 'I find no basis for a charge'
  • Study 25: John 19:17-42 'It is accomplished!'
  • Study 26: John 20:1-31 'We have seen the Lord!'
  • Study 27: John21:1-25 'Feed My sheep!'
  • Group Preparation Questions

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Contributors Dick Lucas
ISBN 9781845503611
Format Paperback
First published January 2004
Dimensions 130mm x 198mm x 17mm
Language English
Pages 275
No. of studies 30
Publisher Christian Focus
Customer reviews


“A great resource for serious study”

I bought this book for a very mixed ability ladies' group who asked to study the whole of John. Group study booklets pick and choose their passages, but this book does it all in depth.. As a study guide it is well beyond where the group are at, but as a resource from which I can prepare it is excellent. I have learned a lot already and we have only covered Chapters 1-3 so far. There is lots of helpful background, especially links to the OT so we discover what Jesus' contemporaries would have understood, much of which we miss because people know so little of the OT these days.

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Read Mark Learn: John | Dick Lucas | £8.99 £7.19