Pure Joy (ebook)

Pure Joy ebook

Rediscover Your Conscience

We hardly speak or think about our conscience. She is left behind while we get on with the party of life.

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Conscience is the Cinderella of the contemporary world. We hardly speak or think about our conscience. She is left behind while we get on with the party of life, untroubled by any serious self-examination. And yet conscience is a God-given part of being human, with tremendous potential for good - if it is cleansed and kept clean - or for harm - if it becomes hardened or calloused.

'This book is about the joy of a clear conscience in every day of living and in the day of death,'' enthuses Christopher Ash.

'With a clear conscience, we can enjoy not just the stuff we think of as "spiritual", but all sorts of things like sleep, sport, friendship and holidays. With a good conscience none of these things ever leaves a sour taste in our mouths.'

Christopher is eager to get all of us thinking about conscience again: 'I want you to take your conscience out of the cupboard, dust it down, bring it back into daily life and discover its power to do you good.'

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  • Introduction: Clean inside!

  • Part A: Conscience as guide
    1. The inner voice
    2. The unreliable voice
    3. The indispensable voice

  • Part B: Conscience as symptom
    4. The guilty conscience
    5. The awakened conscience

  • Part C: The choice we all face
    6. The hardened conscience
    7. The cleansed conscience

  • Part D: Developing a Christian conscience
    8. The calibrated conscience
    9. The clear conscience

  • Appendix: Four snapshots from history
    Afterword: Why I wrote this book


Contributors Christopher Ash
ISBN 9781844748068
Format Digital (delivered electronically)
First published June 2012
Language English
Publisher IVP
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