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The Biggest Story Curriculum, Volume 1

The Biggest Story Curriculum, Volume 1

Pentateuch Stories 1–20

Illustrated by Don Clark

Volume 1 of the children’s curriculum from The Biggest Story Bible Storybook presents fun, multimedia lessons on the Pentateuch.

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Help kids understand the message of the first five books of the Bible with volume 1 of The Biggest Story Curriculum. These 20 lessons on key biblical stories—including creation, the flood, the Tower of Babel, and Jacob and Esau—have been carefully constructed by a team of pastors, children’s ministry workers, and content creators. Each lesson creatively retells Scripture to help children in primary school grasp God’s plan to redeem the world through his Son, Jesus.

Designed for use in a Sunday school, children’s church, or homeschool context, each lesson in The Biggest Story Curriculum includes an easy-to-use teaching plan, discussion questions, and activities. These modular lesson plans provide comprehensive and integrated teaching with easy-to-follow instructions, fun activities, simple crafts, and more.

Volume 1 is also available as part of the 6-volume Biggest Story Curriculum: Box Set, which includes 104 Old and New Testament Scripture lessons and a colouring and activity book.

  • Bible Lessons for Kindergarten through 5th Grade (primary school): Colourful printed materials and lesson plans assist pastors, children’s ministry leaders, and parents alike as they teach young people God’s story of redemption
  • Easy-to-Follow Lesson Plans: Includes a number of sample lesson plans, “Teach the Story” and “Gospel Connection” sections, discussion questions, and activity and craft options, plus downloadable materials
  • Can Be Used as a Companion to The Biggest Story Bible Storybook: Created by a team of pastors, children’s ministry workers, and content creators, with illustrations by artist Don Clark
  • Integrates with Website: Users can download colouring pages, activity sheets, and craft templates

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  • Lesson 1: And So It Begins (Genesis 1–2)
    Lesson 2: A Very Bad Day (Genesis 3)
    Lesson 3: From Bad to Worse (Genesis 3–4)
    Lesson 4: Rain, Rain, Go Away (Genesis 6–9)
    Lesson 5: A Table and a Tower (Genesis 10–11)
    Lesson 6: The Father of Nations (Genesis 11–13)
    Lesson 7: Let’s Make a Deal (Genesis 15; 17)
    Lesson 8: The Judge Judges Justly (Genesis 18–19)
    Lesson 9: It’s a Boy (Genesis 21–22)
    Lesson 10: God’s Tricky, Hairy, Blessed People (Genesis 25; 27)
    Lesson 11: Blessings in the Night (Genesis 28; 32)
    Lesson 12: Joseph’s Mean Brothers and What God Meant to Do (Genesis 37; 50)
    Lesson 13: God Raises Up a Deliverer (Exodus 1–3)
    Lesson 14: Free at Last (Exodus 4–15)
    Lesson 15: The Way to Stay Free (Exodus 19–20)
    Lesson 16: A Fancy Tent and a Foolish Cow (Exodus 32–34)
    Lesson 17: A Tale of Two Goats (Leviticus 16)
    Lesson 18: Big People, Little Faith (Numbers 13–14)
    Lesson 19: You’re Not the Boss of Me (Numbers 16)
    Lesson 20: The Daughters of Zelophehad (Numbers 27; 36)

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Age range: 6+
Contributors Don Clark
ISBN 9781433588983
Format Paperback
First published August 2023
Dimensions 203mm x 264mm
Weight 0.53 kg
Language US English
Pages 184
Publisher Crossway
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The Biggest Story Curriculum, Volume 1 | Don Clark |
£21.99 £14.95