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Cross and Crescent (ebook)

Cross and Crescent ebook

Responding to the challenges of Islam

This acclaimed introduction to the faith and practice of Islam has been completely updated, with four brand new chapters added, to help Christians better understand Muslims and Islam in a rapidly changing world.

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Islam presents new challenges and new questions to Christians and to the West in a post-9/11 context.

However, in many situations in the world, where Christians and Muslims live peacefully side-by-side as neighbours, political considerations are not uppermost. Challenging us to examine our own attitudes, Colin Chapman considers the issues involved in Christian engagement with Muslims and Islam. He explores, ultimately, how Christians can effectively bear witness to Jesus.

This revised and updated edition incorporates brand new material on 'Islamic Terrorism', 'What is Islam?', 'The Qur'anic View of Christians' and 'Explaining Christian Beliefs About Jesus'. It will equip Christians to better understand Muslims and Islam in a rapidly changing world.

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Contributors Colin Chapman
ISBN 9781844746781
Format eBook
First published February 2014
Language English
Publisher IVP

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"Christians who are seeking to relate faithfully and intelligently to their Muslim friends and neighbours will find invaluable resources in this revised and updated edition of Cross and Crescent."
- David Marshall, Lecturer in Islamic Studies and author of God, Muhammad and the unbelievers

"This is one of the best books on Islam available today. Expect it to change you as well as inform you."
- Bryan Knell

"Muslims will not be won by sincere superficiality. Through this careful, thorough book burns a desire for God's unveiling."
- Howard Peskett

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