One2One: Just Looking

Exploring together the life and message of Jesus

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For anyone who wants to find out who Jesus is and what he offers - or who wants to help a friend to do that.

Part of the One2One series.

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• Do you want to get to grips with what Christianity is all about?
• Or do you have a friend who is interested in finding out about your faith?

One2One Just Looking helps you get to the heart of the Christian message as you read through the Gospel of Luke with a friend.

You'll explore the extraordinary life of Jesus Christ as you read about his birth, teaching, miracles, trial, death and resurrection. And along the way, you'll be able to think through for yourself some of the questions you have about the Christian faith.

The One2One series is for use by two friends who meet regularly to look at what the Bible says. Just Looking contains 24 studies but can be used flexibly—you can plot your own route through, or follow one of three suggested ones.

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  • 1. Is this book reliable?
    2. What was happening at Christmas?
    3. What was John the Baptist’s message?
    4. How was Jesus tempted?
    5. Is it worth trying again?
    6. How should we treat those who dislike us?
    7. Why do people love Jesus?
    8. How can I be changed by Jesus’ teaching?
    9. What does it cost to follow Jesus?
    10. How can I love God and my neighbour?
    11. How should I pray?
    12. Will God answer my prayers?
    13. How can Jesus help me with money worries?
    14. How can I be ready for Jesus?
    15. Can I leave it too late?
    16. How does God react to my excuses?
    17. How can I come back to God?
    18. What kind of person does God accept?
    19. What does the communion service mean?
    20. What happens when I let Jesus down?
    21. How do I respond to Jesus’ death?
    Where you’re at now
    22. What happened on Easter Sunday?
    23. What’s the evidence that Jesus is alive?
    24. What am I to do now?
    What next?

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Contributors Andrew Cornes
ISBN 9781907377983
Format Saddle stitch
First published September 2011
Dimensions 152mm x 224mm x 7mm
Weight 0.11 kg
Language English
Pages 64
No. of studies 24
Publisher The Good Book Company

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Customer reviews

Oct 24, 2016

“Helpful study guide”

A good study guide to bring familiar verses to life, good for personal and group studies.

Jan 2, 2013

“Very useful resource”

I've found this a really useful resource to give to church members who want to read the Bible with a non-Christian. It gives them the confidence to ask a friend to look at the Bible with them. The three routes they suggest go through Luke's gospel, slowly, quickly and more quickly, ie 24 sessions, 10 sessions or all 5 sessions. Each one looks at how the passage answers the questions above. I keep ordering more!

May 15, 2012

“Excellent resource”

I have been using this course with a friend of mine who is, as the book says, 'just looking' and it has been very helpful in structuring a look into God's Word through Luke's gospel. The questions and material have stimulated many discussion points across many aspects of the Bible's teaching and have been very helpful as a guide to discovering what Christanity is all about. In summary this course does what it says 'on the tin'!!

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One2One: Just Looking | Andrew Cornes |
£3.99 £3.19