Out of the Saltshaker

Out of the Saltshaker

Find out how we as Christians, who are called to be the salt of the earth, can get out of the saltshaker and into life.

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'Christians and non-Christians have something in common,' writes Rebecca Manley Pippert. 'We're all uptight about evangelism.'

So begins this bestselling book on evangelism as a lifestyle. Through stories, biblical insight and plain common sense, Rebecca helps us feel relaxed and enthusiastic about sharing our faith.

People crowd the pages of this book, with language and lifestyles to match. The author confronts them with a Jesus as contemporary as themselves, a Christ they can see, who cares. Reading her book we laugh at her mistakes, identify with her failures, and find ourselves eager to emulate her spiritual progress.

This thoroughly revised and expanded edition is now even more valuable, with new chapters on the natural stages of evangelism (cultivating, planting and reaping), new stories of God's work in people's lives and added material on meeting the challenges of the new competitors to Christian faith. Out of the Saltshaker is both fun and deep, light and life changing.

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  • Introduction
  • 1. Sleepless in Spain
  • 2. Jesus - the Most Human of Us All
  • 3. Jesus - the Lord of All
  • 4. A Question of Love: Being Radically Identified with the World
  • 5. A Question of Holiness: Being Radically Different from the World
  • 6. A Question of Obedience: Another Way of Knowing God
  • 7. Christ with Us
  • 8. Practicing the Presence of Christ
  • 9. Developing Conversational Skills
  • 10. Three Ways to Witness
  • 11. Cutlivating the Soil
  • 12. Planting the Seed
  • 13. Reaping the Harvest in God's Truth & Love
  • 14. Reaping the Harvest in God's Power
  • 15. Revealing the Truth Through Reason
  • 16. Revealing the Truth Through Stories
  • 17. Revealing Truth Through the Power of the Spirit
  • 18. The Witness of Community
  • 19. Without a Vision the People Will Perish
  • Appendix 1: Gospel Outlines
  • Appendix 2: Books for Evangelism
  • Appendix 3: Study Guide for Individuals or Groups
  • Notes


Author Rebecca Manley Pippert
ISBN 9781844744282
Format Paperback
First published May 2015
Dimensions 126mm x 196mm x 14mm
Print size 10pt
Language English
Pages 291
Publisher IVP

Rico Tice

I read this book as a teenager when I'd just become a Christian. It helped me to see that evangelism is a privilege rather than something you wouldn't even do to your dog, as Rebecca Manley Pippert puts it so memorably.

Roger Carswell

Out of the Saltshaker is a classic, and on a great theme. It introduces one of life's greatest joys; that of turning inconsequential chatter into speaking about Jesus. This is a must-read for all Christians.

Dallas Willard

Anyone who follows the lead of Out of the Saltshaker will experience peace and power in communicating their confidence in Jesus to those lost in the bewildering context of contemporary existence.

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Out of the Saltshaker | Rebecca Manley Pippert | £10.99 £8.79