Not by Sight

Not by Sight

A fresh look at old stories of walking by faith

Jon Bloom

Trusting Jesus is hard, especially when times are tough. This book helps us trust God's promises and faithfulness.

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Believing is hard. Painful trials and confusing circumstances tempt us to doubt the promises of God, pushing us toward disappointment and despair.

In this encouraging book, Jon Bloom, president and co-founder of Desiring God Ministries, sets out to bolster Christians' confidence in God through imaginative reflections on 35 stories from the Bible. The examples of characters such as King David, Zacchaeus, and the Apostle Peter challenge readers to trust God over and against their unreliable perceptions of the world.

These creative and devotional meditations highlight God's trustworthiness seen in the stories of the Bible and explore practical implications for everyday life, helping readers find rest in the faithfulness of God.

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  • Foreword by John Piper
  • A Word to the Reader
  • Gratitude
  • 1 “Where Is Your Faith?” - James Zebedee and Fear
  • 2 “Neither Do I Condemn You” - The Adulteress and Guilt
  • 3 She Still Had to Go Home - The Adulteress and Sin’s Consequences
  • 4 Doubt in the Darkness - John the Baptist and Doubt
  • 5 Dismembering an Idol - Zacchaeus and Idolatry
  • 6 Why Are You Disappointed? - Joseph Barsabbas and Disappointment
  • 7 Can You Bear Uncertainty? - Would-Be-Disciple and Provision
  • 8 “I Will Never Believe” - Thomas and Skepticism
  • 9 The Night the Angel Didn’t Come - James Zebedee and Death
  • 10 Facing a Painful Decision - Joseph the Carpenter and Guidance
  • 11 Stables of Desperation Are the Birthplaces of God’s Grace - Joseph the Carpenter and Trust
  • 12 (Un)Planned Detours - Joseph the Carpenter and Guidance
  • 13 “Do Not Be Afraid” - Jehoshaphat and Fear
  • 14 What Love for God Looks Like - Simon the Pharisee and Worship
  • 15 When a Rock Sunk Slowly - Peter and Faith
  • 16 Faith That Makes Jesus Marvel - The Centurion and Faith
  • 17 Are You Content with Weaknesses? - Paul and Humility
  • 18 Ask! - The Leper and Provision
  • 19 “Do You Believe This?” - Martha and Death
  • 20 When You Aren’t Sure What to Do Next - Peter and Waiting
  • 21 Jesus Chooses and Uses Failures - Peter and Restoration
  • 22 When a Rebuke Became a Reward - Zechariah and Unbelief
  • 23 Hope for Our Beloved Unbelievers - Jesus’s Siblings and Evangelism
  • 24 Success Can Be Perilous - King David and Selfishness
  • 25 More Than Enough - Philip and Provision
  • 26 God’s Purposes Can Be Opposite of Our Perceptions - The Man Born Blind and Suffering
  • 27 The Eyes Jesus Opened First - Cleopas and Disillusionment
  • 28 “What I Am Doing You Do Not Understand Now” - Peter and Sanctification
  • 29 Staying Faithful When Things Get Worse - Joseph and Perseverance
  • 30 Serve in the Shadow God Places You - Andrew and Humility
  • 31 The Day of Your Deliverance Is Decreed - Disabled Woman and Suffering
  • 32 Has Jesus Been Worth It? - Paul and Christian Hedonism
  • 33 Powerful, Pragmatic Pawn of Providence - Pontius Pilate and Governing Authorities
  • 34 “Follow Me” - Levi and Grace
  • 35 When Following Jesus Means Going Home - The Gadarene and Appointment
  • General Index
  • Scripture Index


Author Jon Bloom
ISBN 9781433535932
Format Paperback
First published May 2013
Dimensions 132mm x 202mm x 12mm
Print size 9pt
Language English
Pages 208
Publisher Crossway
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Not by Sight | Jon Bloom | £8.99 £6.99