God's Good Design (Second edition)

God's Good Design (Second edition)

What the bible really says about men and women

Looks at the Bible passages about how Christian men and women relate. Discussion guide now included.

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Although Claire Smith was a young adult when she came to know Jesus, it wasn't until she went to theological college that she noticed parts of the Bible that challenged her feminist views. Studying these passages led to radical changes in her life.

Too often we put these same passages in the 'too hard basket', or we make up our minds without taking a close look at them for ourselves. But we must let God's word determine these issues, and not the culture in which we live.

Claire takes us through the same process she went through herself, looking closely at seven key Bible passages about men and women and how they should relate together in God's purposes. Along the way she deals with many common objections, and applies the teaching of the Bible simply and practically to our relationships at home and in church.

The warmth and simplicity of the book means it will benefit every Christian—whether you have looked at these passages a thousand times, or you've never thought about them in your life.

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  • Preface
  • 1. The fine dust of feminism
  • Part I: Within the Church
  • 2. Finding peace and quiet: 1 Timothy 2
  • 3. Head to head: 1 Corinthians 11
  • 4. The right to remain silent: 1 Corinthians 14
  • Part II: Within the home
  • 5. The divine marriage: Ephesians 5
  • 6. Won without a word: 1 Peter 3
  • 7. The original man and woman: Genesis 1-3
  • 8. The ultimate distortion
  • 9. The ideal wife: Proverbs 31
  • 10. But does it work?
  • Appendix 1: Resources used in preparing this book
  • Appendix 2: Discussion guide


Author Claire Smith
ISBN 9781925424515
Format Paperback
First published May 2019
Dimensions 150mm x 232mm x 14mm
Language English
Pages 264
Publisher Matthias Media
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God's Good Design (Second edition) | Claire Smith | £11.99 £9.59