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Exodus 1-18: Out of Darkness

Exodus 1-18: Out of Darkness

8 interactive Bible studies for small groups and individuals

from 4 reviews

Work through the extraordinary story of God's rescue of Israel and see how this drama points to the work of Christ.

Part of the Interactive Bible Studies series.

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An oppressed people, a reluctant hero, a cruel and all-powerful dictator.

As the book of Exodus opens, we wonder how God is going to keep his ancient promises to his chosen people. But in his majestic power, God proves himself to be more than a match for Egypt's arrogant king. As God rescues his wayward people, and gathers them to himself at Mt Sinai, we see a stunning picture of God's grace and faithfulness and power and truth. Despite the obstacles, despite the seeming hopelessness of the situation, despite even the sinfulness of those needing rescue, God brings his people out of darkness and into his wonderful light.

In this series of eight studies on Exodus 1-18, Andrew Reid guides us through the extraordinary story of God's rescue of Israel, and shows us how this drama points to the work of Christ.

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  • How to make the most of these studies

  • 1. Birth of a nation
    2. In the name of God
    3. Against the odds
    4. The plagues of Egypt
    5. The Lamb of God
    6. A way out
    7. The greatest song ever sung
    8. Faith in a great God


Contributors Andrew Reid
ISBN 9781922206688
Format Paperback
First published March 2004
Dimensions 157mm x 225mm x 5mm
Weight 0.12 kg
Language English
Pages 72
No. of studies 8
Publisher Matthias Media
Customer reviews

20 Oct 2012


We have all as a group really enjoyed and benifitted from this excellent book. It has drawn us into the story of the Exodus and brought out a whole deeper meaning to it and the relevance to the New Testament. Also bringing good discussions about subjects not often talked about ie. Satan.

9 Oct 2012

“captivating and challening”

This an outstanding study which gives such depth to the Biblical stories in the O.T. we know and love.
It is thought provoking and challenging and I recommend it.

10 May 2010

“Excellent study guide”

We are using this book to help plan and deliver a Home Group over Spring/Summer 2010. To date we have covered 3 studies. The resource has been invaulable, easy to follow and use. Thoroughly recommend it.

30 Dec 2009

“Very helpful and enlightening in the most part”

I bought two copies of this study guide to use in one-to-one Bible studies with a teenager. In the main we have found them informative, helpful and conducive to hearing the Lord speak through his words in Exodus. Just occasionally the approach taken by the guide was not really suitable for our purposes, for example the tick-box approach to the plagues - although a larger study group may be fine with this. Overall, excellent!

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Exodus 1-18: Out of Darkness | Andrew Reid |
£3.50 £2.80