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Bake through the Bible

20 cooking activities to explore Bible truths with your child

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Explore the Bible with your child while cooking through 20 delicious recipes!

Part of the Beginning with God series.

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“This resource will provide great fun as well as spiritual (and physical!) nourishment.”
Vaughan Roberts
Rector, St Ebbe's Church, Oxford
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Bake through the Bible helps parents with young children to explore the Bible with their child while having lots of fun cooking together.

Download the authors interview (98MB).

This book contains 20 Bible stories, told in a simple, engaging style, that take your child through the whole storyline of the Bible. Each story is supported by a cooking activity that reinforces the main teaching, along with questions to discuss while cooking, and a simple recap to use when enjoying what they’ve cooked.

Cooking activities include:
- Sparkly promise cookies to remember God’s wonderful promises to Abraham
- Happy crepe faces in response to God’s promise to send His Rescuer and Forever-King
- Spiral tuna wraps for a picnic that links with Jesus’ miracle of feeding thousands
- An empty bread tomb with Easter dips to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection

You don’t have to be a good cook—just ready to have some fun as you Bake through the Bible!

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  • 1. God makes everything: Creation cookies
    2. God’s people disobey him: Sad pizza faces
    3. God makes amazing promises: Sparkly promise cookies
    4. God’s people grow: Bread shapes
    5. God rescues his people: Lamb burgers
    6. God shows us how to live: Frozen fruit treats
    7. God gives his people a home: Egg people in bread homes
    8. God looks after his people: Thirst-quenching smoothies
    9. God promises a Forever-King: Crown cookies
    10. God promises a Rescuer: Happy crêpe faces
    11. The birth of Jesus: Christmas cupcakes
    12. The shepherds and the star: Starry jam tarts
    13. Jesus feeds thousands: Spiral tuna wraps
    14. Jesus calms the storm: Jelly boats
    15. Jesus can open blind eyes: See-through eyes
    16. Jesus dies: The cross: Hot cross buns
    17. Jesus lives: The resurrection: Empty bread tomb with Easter dips
    18. Jesus gives his friends a job: Fruity chocolate fudge gifts
    19. Jesus can make our hearts clean: Dirty and clean heart biscuits
    20. God's new creation: Gooey chocolate dessert


Age range: 2+
Contributors Susie Bentley-Taylor, Bekah Moore
ISBN 9781909559004
Format Paperback
First published May 2013
Dimensions 215mm x 270mm x 5mm
Weight 0.28 kg
Language English
Pages 64
Publisher The Good Book Company

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Vaughan Roberts

Rector, St Ebbe’s Church, Oxford

I have been conscious as a pastor that Christian parents need, not only to be reminded that the chief responsibility for teaching their children the bible lies with them, but also, helped to know how to do this. This is a superb resource, which is user-friendly, biblically faithful and full of imaginative suggestions of how to communicate God's word to your pre-school children. It will provide great fun as well as spiritual - and physical! - nourishment.

Customer reviews

27 Jul 2022

“Great book to introduce the Bible to your Children”

Great book to introduce Bible stories to young children whilst also making yummy treats.. as a young family that home educates this has been a welcomed resource for our curriculum- home economics, Bible study and mathematics all in one!

23 May 2020

“Lovely book”

This was a gift for my grandchildren aged 10 and 5. It’s already been a great success with them both and reading the stories during the cooking time is ideal. The star jam tarts with the Christmas story have already been cooked and eaten (in May!). Thoroughly recommend.

7 Jul 2016

“Fantastic resource! ”

I am so thankful for this brilliant resource! We are now four sessions into using 'Bake through the Bible' at our lunchtime Bible Club at school. We only have half an hour and lots of children, so we take all the short-cuts with the baking, but the teaching points are so clear and concise- its just right for the childrens' attention span. The kids (from 4-11years) absolutely love the food related activities and it has helped them to recall the previous learning from the weeks before. It's a great introduction to the Bible for these children and I am absolutely thrilled to have found it! Thank you for putting this resource together and for sharing your wonderful ideas.

30 May 2016

“A really interesting way to learn about the Bible ”

The 7 year old little girl whom I gave the book to said it was 'awesome'! I really liked it as the cooking instructions were clear and the links to the Bible stories were great. A really good way to learn about the Bible in a fun way.
My feeling about the 'Cooking through the Bible at Christmas' was the same only I felt the recipes were more interesting so I would rate that at 5 stars.

7 Sep 2015

“Captivating, Exciting and Just Good Fun...for all the ages!”

I bought this book for my mother to use with my niece and nephew. Though their parents are not yet believers, the children LOVE the book and the recipes. My 5 yr old nephew attempted to be uninterested, but upon reading the first story all other toys went to the ground and both children were captivated. Moving in to the kitchen to make creation cookies... the kids absolutely loved it! "Nana makes the best cookies" apparently. The promise cookies - were also a lot of fun - it was great hearing them tell us some of God's promises, though my niece did improvise and add pink food colouring when making the cookies!
I cannot recommend this book enough and pray hard that it leads to ultimate commitment to Christ for all using this exciting and relevant resource.

3 Jul 2015

“Clear, useful and fun!”

I bought this book for our small Sunday school to use throughout the summer holidays. It has great ideas, it is clearly laid out (I'm dyslexic, so that's very important to me), and logical to use. Looking forward to doing these recipes with out 3-7 year olds.

5 Dec 2013

“Engaging and sincere ”

I loved this book.. I liked the style of the bible story background and the way the book is laid out. I thought that it would work with primary and with teens even to use with young children. Some of the ideas you may already have used but the layout is very attractive and if you knew a person interested in cooking with kIds I think it makes a cultural extension idea that presents Bible truths in a clear but non threatening way.

I think the main thing is that it gets over the sincerity and enthusiasm and excitement of the authors. Well Done!

6 Nov 2013

“Helping kids get excited about the Bible”

What is it?
Bake through the Bible is full of different cooking activities to help parents/children's ministry leaders explore Bible stories with young children.

Who is it for?
It is written with children under 5 in mind. Under 5's will has ALOT of fun baking- however the themes tend to suit children who are aged 5-10.

What is good about it?
The book is also beautifully presented, and has really clear pictures to show children examples of what they are going to make, it is also written by parents, so it uses ingredients that children will ACTUALLY eat.
The instructions are simple and easy to follow, and if you use the "time saver" section none of the activities take more than 10 minutes to make (allow extra time for cooking) so it is perfect for energetic children who are constantly on the go!
What we really liked was the "washing up" and "while it is cooking" sections- these are a series of simple discussion points (these may need to be altered for the age of your child) that help link what you have made to the Bible.

What is bad about it?
Some of the cooking times take up to 90 minutes, and one of the activities needs 6 hours in the fridge - which may mean that very young children have forgotten the reason why the have made it in the first place.
For the age group it is aimed at, some of the themes maybe hard for them to grasp, however it doesn't take much effort to alter it to suit the age of the child.
For example: with a group of under 5's we made pizza faces and changed the theme to "God made me."

Should I buy it?
The parents who tried and tested this book with me said yes. They loved the variety of sweet and savoury recipes. It engaged their children and got their children excited about food that they wouldn't normally eat.
They also love the discussion points which link the activities to a Bible story as this makes it easier for them to develop their kids faith at home.
As someone who is not a parent but does work with children- this is a great resource for leaders who are looking for an alternative activity to do with children- it will get the kids excited and keep them engaged!

23 Oct 2013

“adaptable Ideas for youth/families work”

I bought this for my sister-in-law as a gift, as her children are still the right age for this - plus she's a Sunday school leader, so appreciates lots of ideas. But being a youth and families worker, I've had a good look to see if its worth a punt for me. It's well laid out, in that there is the story, questions to ask, practical, illustrated instructions, a prayer to say etc. There are ideas to lead children's thoughts through the activity and a prayer. It is, of course, far too abstract (for teaching effectively, I mean, not lovely thematically related activities) for children they say they're aiming at (as I see their children in the promo). It can be used as a teaching resource effectively for Bright 4 year-olds to Junior School children. It could be used in the home, if you're that sort of Mum (some of us are, some aren't), but it would be a useful resource for all kinds of workers with children and families. If you are an experienced worker, you will probably thought of - and maybe done - some of these ideas or versions of them anyway. My colleague and I looked over my (sister-in-Law's) copy with appraising, experienced eyes and liked the layout and structured ideas - always something to learn there! We always think that the making/craft time is the best time to get alongside children and to let them tell us their thoughts, tell us about their lives, etc., so good to think about structuring/directing that more. NOTE: with the clean and dirty hearts I would use white and brown chocolate rather than jam and brown choc, which doesn't have the same visual clarity.

12 Oct 2013

“An excellent support”

I received this book the other day with the intention of using it with my small children however God had a different plan. The day after I bought it I was talking with a friend who loves baking and she started telling me she finds it hard to instigate conversations with her young child and non-christian husband and so this book is winging its way over to her to help her break the ice easily (or melt the chocolate in his case). I also plan on purchasing another one for myself and a couple more as Christmas presents

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Bake through the Bible | Susie Bentley-Taylor, Bekah Moore |
£8.99 £5.99