Just for Starters

Just for Starters

Seven foundational Bible studies

Seven foundational Bible studies for new Christians or those wanting to get back to basics.

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Since it was first published in 1979, Just For Starters has become a standard set of foundational Bible studies for those new to the Christian faith, or for those wanting to get back to basics. It is know throughout the world for it's clear, simple and biblically faithful presentation of seven key areas of Christian belief and lifestyle.

Now, in this third edition, Just For Starters is even clearer, but with the same commitment to the truth of God's word.

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  • 1. Saved by God
  • 2. Trusting in God
  • 3. Living God's way
  • 4. Listening to God
  • 5. Talking to God
  • 6. Meeting with God's family
  • 7. Meeting the world
  • What do I study next?


ISBN 9781875245505
Format Saddle stitch
First published 2004
Dimensions 149mm x 209mm x 2mm
Language English
Pages 32
No. of studies 7
Publisher Matthias Media
Customer reviews

“A great book to read one to one.”

This is an excellent book for one to one work, especially with people starting out in the Christian life. In some senses the questions appear too easy, until you start to chew over what the Bible text actually means. I use this with those starting off as new Christians and many have been helped using it.



Having used Just for Starters for years I would like to say how grateful I am for this course. It's obvious to say that the dynamics of the group will dictate how discussion flows but Just for Starts is a great place to start the discussion. A good balance of simple questions on the verses and some thought provoking application questions that can be guided into very helpful and beneficial discussion.


“Excellent Service”

I was in Spain when I ordered these booklets to give to a local church. They make excellent 'reading' for new Christians.

I was very pleased with the service. It was a difficult Spanish Address to deliver to. However, the booklets arrived safe and sound after a few days...............and sooner than expected. Excellent !!


“Great both for groups and one-to-one!”

This is a superb resource that can be used in groups both large and small. It stimulates discussion about the foundations of the Christian faith and encourages those with no Bible expertise to contribute. We have found it works well both with new Christians and groups of established believers who need to refresh their awareness of their faith.


“For new christians”

These studies are perfect for adults who are just discovering the bible and how to read it. The first study is very short, then they gradually get a bit longer/ harder. They don't require extra prep from the leader, although occasionally I have added an extra question of my own.
Each study is based on one or two verses which are printed in the booklet and considered in depth, but you are also told to read the passage around the verse (20 verses or so) so that you get an idea of the context. There are questions and space to write the answers in, which works well 1-2-1.
My husband became a Christian 15 years ago, and these were the first studies he did one to one with the person that introduced him to Christ - and he REMEMBERED them, which says a lot.
At present I am half way through reading this booklet with a new christian, and it's very exciting. Please remember her in your prayers.


“An excellent resource for 1-2-1 Bible reading with new Christians”

When I became a Christian 25 years ago, my friend took me through Just for Starters and I hvae been using it with new Christians ever since. The first two studies make plain the gospel of salvation before moving on to our repsonse and some basic disciplines of Christian living (prayer, Bible reading etc.) It's great strength is that as it forces you to look closely at what the text says. We are told that questions should be answered from the text. Leading the studies has taught me to do this rigorously and taught the people I am leading this basic skill. Bible study leaders will know how often we drift from noticing what the text means and launch off with our own opinions or memories of other Bible texts. The studies also instill other study skillls - in particular, making sure we apply the texxt. A good leader will find this very useful for training in living out the truth. One tip from my use: I save the 'write it out in your own words' task until last. It makes more sense to leave this until you have a decent grasp of the passage.


“Great resource”

Great resource for discipling new Christians. Worth buying the leaders guide as the audio cds really set the scene for the leader. I have bought many copies for use in our mentoring network.


“Pretty good”

We used these booklets with two groups of teenagers on a 7 day adventure holiday with a 30 - 40 minute Bible study each evening.

The material seemed to work well with one of the groups (girls) but the leader of the other group tended to feel the need to expand upon the basic material because the boys knew most of the core points already. The booklet covers the fundamentals of the gospel and starting as a Christian reasonably well, although not as overtly as some booklets we have used previously.

It might appeal better with some illustrations and oh how we wished it didn't say it was 25 years old on the back! There is very little in the way of booklets with 6 or 7 sessions available nowadays and this seemed the best of the bunch.


“Clear and easy to use”

I have been using this with my small group of 11 - 14 year old girls and have found it a great way to introduce them to key Christian beliefs. The clear structure and questions meant they were able to grasp all the key ideas and they particularly enjoyed summarising the verses in their own words.


“First class resource for new Christians”

We used 'Just for Starters' with a group of newcomers who had all recently completed 'Christianity Explored'. It proved to be just the right resource, starting with a review of what it means to experience salvation before moving on to help the group think about the meaning of discipleship. The material looks deceptively simple because it is so accessible, but, especially when used with the additional 'Preparing Just for Starters' audio C.D.'s there is more than enough to stimulate discussion about living and growing as Christians. The way in which the sessions are organised also made it easy and natural for the group to look at methods of putting into practice what they had learned about Bible-reading, prayer and fellowship.


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Just for Starters | £1.50 £1.20