God's battle for our hearts

Julian Hardyman helps us both to diagnose and destroy our idols.

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When we hear the word 'idol' we tend to think of football players or pop stars. We may even remember that some people's religion meant worshipping idols: little or large statues that represented a god.
But what has this to do with us today?

Julian Hardyman is increasingly convinced that idolatry - putting anything else in the place that is rightfully God's - explains us and our problems:

Why we get so angry about traffic jams.
What drives us to work so hard our marriage hits the rocks.
What lies behind that compulsion to look at pornography.

He has also found that God is engaged in a war to win back our hearts.

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  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction: God's battle for our hearts
  • Part One: Who has idols anyway?
  • 1. Idol diagnosis
  • 2. Needs or preferences?
  • 3. More and more and more
  • 4. Lust
  • 5. Beauty and body image
  • 6. People idols
  • 7. Religious and church idols
  • 8. Political, intellectual and cultural idols
  • Part Two: What's the big problem?
  • 9. Strange worship, glory swapping
  • 10. What idols do to God
  • 11. What idols do to us
  • Part Three: Idol busting
  • 12. Repentance and forgiveness
  • 13. Adoption and the Spirit
  • 14. A supreme and satisfying love
  • 15. Rest instead of restlessness
  • 16. Spiritual Facebook
  • 17. Submission to God's will and word
  • 18. Looking forward to the glory of God
  • 19. You're so vain, you probably think this book is about you
  • Further reading
  • Notes


Author Julian Hardyman
ISBN 9781844744183
Format Paperback
First published 2011
Dimensions 138mm x 215mm x 15mm
Language English
Pages 224
Publisher IVP
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Idols | Julian Hardyman | £8.99 £7.19