The life of the mind and the love of God

A book to help Christians think about thinking.

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Contending for our all

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This is a book to help Christians to think about thinking. Focusing on the life of the mind helps us to know God better, love him more, and care for the world. Along with an emphasis on emotions and the experience of God, we also need to practise careful thinking about God. Piper contends that 'thinking is indispensable on the path to passion for God'. So how are we to maintain a healthy balance of mind and heart, thinking and feeling?

Piper urges us to think for the glory of God. He demonstrates from Scripture that glorifying God with our minds and hearts is not either-or, but both-and. Thinking carefully about God fuels passion and affections for God. Likewise, Christ-exalting emotion leads to disciplined thinking.

Readers will be reminded that 'the mind serves to know the truth that fuels the fires of the heart'.

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  • Foreword by Mark A Noll
  • Introduction
  • Clarifying the Aim of the Book
  • 1. My Pilgrimage
  • 2. Deep Help from a Dead Friend
  • Clarifying the Meaning of Thinking
  • 3. Reading as Thinking
  • Coming to Faith through Thinking
  • 4. Mental Adultery Is No Escape
  • 5. Rational Gospel, Spiritual Light
  • Clarifying the Meaning of Loving God
  • 6. Love for God: Treasuring God with All Your Mind
  • Facing the Challenge of Relativism
  • 7. Jesus Meets the Relativists
  • 8. The Immorality of Relativism
  • Facing the Challenge of Anti-intellectualism
  • 9. Unhelpful Anti-intellectual Impulses in Our History
  • 10. You Have Hidden These Things from the Wise and Understanding
  • 11. In the Wisdom of God, the World Did Not Know God through Wisdom
  • Finding a Humble Way of Knowing
  • 12. The Knowledge That Loves
  • 13. All Scholarship Is for the Love of God and Man
  • Encouraging Thinkers and Non-thinkers
  • Conclusion: A Final Plea
  • Appendix 1 - “The Earth Is the Lord’s”: The Supremacy of Christ in Christian Learning
  • (Biblical Foundations for Bethlehem College and Seminary)
  • Appendix 2 - The Student, the Fish, and Agassiz
  • Acknowledgments
  • General Index
  • Scripture Index
  • Desiring God: Note on Resources

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Author John Piper
ISBN 9781844744886
Format Paperback
First published September 2010
Dimensions 138mm x 210mm x 16mm
Print size 8pt
Language English
Pages 224
Publisher IVP

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'If you want to feel profoundly, learn to think carefully. And start by reading this book!' - C. J. Mahaney

'I warmly commend John Piper's appeal to all believers to be diligent in engaging our minds and to do so with God-honouring humility and Christ-loving passion.' - Vaughan Roberts

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Think | John Piper | £10.99 £8.79