The Small Group and the Vine DVD

The Small Group and the Vine DVD

Foundational Training for Group Leaders

Marty Sweeney & Tony Payne

A 5-week course for training small group leaders to understand the purpose of small groups and what their role is as leader, and to be able to carry out the key aspects of that role.

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There’s no doubt about it—small group (or home group) leadership is rightly seen as an indispensable ministry. But what’s your goal as a leader? What’s your job description, and what does that job actually look like week by week?

Over the five sessions of this foundational training course, Tony Payne and Marty Sweeney help you understand what small groups really are and how they work. They outline key aspects of your role as a small group leader, including:
• prayerfully understanding and applying God’s word to yourself
• preparing to lead others to God’s word
• leading the discussion
• leading the group in prayer.

They also provide practical tips on how to get started and grow in all four of these aspects.

Based on the biblical principles outlined in The Trellis and the Vine, the course is an excellent introduction for new small group leaders, and a valuable refresher for those who have been leading for a while.
This workbook also includes 10 bonus articles about a variety of practical facets of small group ministry.

To run this course, you will need:
• a copy of the workbook for each participant
• access to the video segments which are available for download through Vimeo and also available on this DVD.

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Author Marty Sweeney, Tony Payne
ISBN 9781925424362
Format DVD video (Amaray)
First published April 2019
Dimensions 137mm x 192mm x 14mm
Language English
Publisher 10 Publishing
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The Small Group and the Vine DVD | Marty Sweeney, Tony Payne | £16.99 £14.44