The Remedy

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A clear and simple tract explaining the remedy to what's gone wrong with the world.

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This simple tract asks some of the big questions in life. Where do we come from? What's wrong with the world? Does anyone care about me? Is there hope for the future? The tract then points us to the remedy for the world's problems — Jesus Christ.

Great for Easter but can be used at any time.

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  • • The beginning: Where do we come from?
  • • The rebellion: What's wrong with the world?
  • • The consequence: Why does it matter to me?
  • • The remedy: Is there hope for the future?
  • • The response: What do I do now?

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Author Dai Hankey
ISBN 9781908762627
First published January 2013
Dimensions 122.5mm x 122.5mm x 1mm
Language English
Pages 8
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews



I ordered some of these for an outreach event. I needed something that was explicit about the gospel, simple enough for teenagers and didn't look so bad they immediately want to throw it out. They are written in a very clear and simple manner. There's no irrelevant material and it all points towards Jesus. Definitely not only for Easter though.


“Very good”

I ordered a bunch of these for some local churches in Barking & Dagenham. I wanted some good material to be given out rather just walk behind a cross. They were given out during a Walk of Witness over Easter and we also gave some out after an Easter concert that our own church held. The feedback has been good. Those giving them out on the Walk of Witness - many youth - felt comfortable giving them out - the tract makes good use of symbols to convey a message simply yet there is also good text included for those whose interest is awakened. We felt the message was clear and punchy. Fresh and faithful. I recommend them.

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