Raising Confident Kids in a Confusing World (audiobook)

Raising Confident Kids in a Confusing World (audiobook)

A Parent's Guide to Grounding Identity in Christ

Inspires and equips parents to help their children find their identity in being made and loved by Jesus. Useful for any stage of parenting.

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As our children grow up, they hear many conflicting messages about who they are. They are told that they can define themselves by their achievements or popularity, or by how they feel, and that sexuality, morality and gender are just questions of personal choice.

Too often, Christian parents feel nervous and intimidated about engaging with their children on the subjects of bodies, gender, sexuality and their sense of self.

This warm and realistic book helps parents to show their children that the Bible has better answers than our culture on these topics, which are neither surprising nor confusing to our creator God.

Full of biblical truth, practical wisdom and discussion questions, this book will inspire and equip parents to help their children find their identity in being made and loved by Jesus. An identity based on God's love will help Children to have both a positive and a realistic view of themselves, and it will give them confidence to live by faith in a secular world.

The real-life stories contained in the book are drawn from every stage of family life, from birth through to the teenage years, making it a valuable resource for any parent.

It can helpfully be read alone, as a couple or in a group with others from your church.

Author Ed Drew is the Director of Faith in Kids, which produces a range of resources for families and kid's ministry, including a series related to this book, entitled "Who Am I?", which also includes Sunday School lessons and podcasts.

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  • 1. This Is Me
    2. What They Do Is Not Who They Are
    3. Made to Belong
    4. Made to Love
    5. It’s Ok to Not Feel Ok
    6. Truly Body Positive
    7. I Am Forgiven
    8. I Can Change
    9. I Will Be Like Jesus


Contributors Ed Drew, Jonathan St John
ISBN 9781646897803
Format Audiobook
First published May 2023
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company
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