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Prayer and the Voice of God

God's Living Word Will Transform The Way You Pray

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Phillip Jensen and Tony Payne open up what God Himself says to us in the Scriptures about prayer.

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Prayer doesn't have to be a mystery or a burden. In Prayer and the Voice of God, Phillip Jensen and Tony Payne open up what God Himself says to us in the Scriptures about prayer, including what prayer really is, why we should do it and why we often don't.

This insightful, practical book offers powerful motivations to get us back on our knees and praying, as well as helpful discussions of what to pray for.

A clear, readable guide for new Christians wanting to get started in prayer, or longer-serving Christians whose prayer lives are wilting.

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  • 1. Prayer and God's Voice
  • 2. The God of prayer
  • 3. Why pray?
  • 4. Why we don't pray
  • 5. How to pray
  • 6. The desires of God
  • 7. The anxieties of life
  • 8. What happens when we pray?
  • 9. The fellowship of prayer
  • 10. Seven common questions
  • Appendix I: A summary to look back over
  • Appendix II: Discussion guide

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Contributors Phillip Jensen, Tony Payne
ISBN 9781925424553
Format Paperback
First published June 2006
Dimensions 127mm x 197mm x 12mm
Print size 10pt
Language English
Pages 200
Publisher Matthias Media
Customer reviews


“Fantastic, but Like anti-biotic, it only works, if you finish the cour”

It didn't suit everyone in the group but I found it thought provoking and life changing. Grounded firmly on the bible gives confidence to follow what is explained. Easy to read. Favourite quote 'prayer is audible faith' Like anti-biotics, it only works, if you finish the course(book!)


“Solid theology sensitively expressed to stimulate our prayers!”

I am not someone who instinctively prays. I’m someone who acts! There have been times when I’ve attributed this to temperament and training. But really, it’s unbelief. That’s why I need to keep reading books like this one from Tony Payne and Phillip Jensen. For all of my Christian life I’ve been a fan of their work. I can’t think of a single resource of theirs that I’ve used that hasn’t benefited my Christian life. The same could be said for their book on prayer.

One of the great strengths of their books is that they’re clear and simple. This one is cast from the same die. In one sense it’s is nothing special. It simply collates and rehearses much of the useful biblical teaching that we’ve heard on prayer over the years. But that’s its value. What it offers is not new techniques but a convincing biblical presentation of what prayer is and why we should do it. The book consists of ten Chapters spread over 200 pages. The chapters are short enough to be read on a tube trip up to town or accompanying a mocha latte!

In chapter 1 entitled, ‘Prayer and God’s Voice’ the authors argue that prayer is the most naturally unnatural thing for us to do. It’s natural because anyone can do it and often everyone does. It’s unnatural because it’s seeking an intervention from the supernatural God. And so they define prayer as essentially ‘asking God for something’.

The central premise of chapter two, ‘The God of Prayer’, is that prayer is determined by who God is. Given that God the able, willing, personal, holy and merciful God is also our Father we should have massive confidence to approach Him and ask Him for things.

The topic of why we should pray at all is tackled in chapter three, ‘Why Pray?’ We should pray because it’s a great privilege, it expresses the relationship of faith we enjoy with the Lord, it’s not an optional extra in the Christian life and because God has promised to hear and to act.

'Why we Don’t Pray’ begins to scratch at the reasons why prayer is not the feature that it ought to be in our Christian lives. Jensen and Payne suggest that the reasons can be traced to a faulty view of God, a wrong understanding of our relationship with God and the presence of a real spiritual enemy.

The fifth chapter tells us ‘How to Pray’. The authors argue that prayer is not a time to hear God’s voice, it’s a time to respond to God’ voice. They speak about the essence of prayer. They say rightly that prayer is not a matter of technique but of relationship.

Chapter six, ‘The Desires of God’ and chapter seven, ‘the Anxieties of Life’ deal with what ought to occupy the content of our prayers. Chapter six is a longer chapter but it includes a helpful summary of the Lord’s Prayer. There’s some overlap with Don Carson’s brilliant book, ‘A Call to Spiritual Reformation’. But this is the place to begin. Chapter seven touches on what to pray and what to expect when we pray in the midst of situations where we have no idea what to pray.

‘What Happens When We Pray?’ is the title of chapter eight. It explains the mechanics of prayer. The authors answer two questions. The first is ‘does God actually listen?’ The second is ‘does anything actually change?’

The brief chapter entitled, ‘Fellowship of Prayer’ is an encouragement to meet up with others in order to stimulate one another as we struggle in prayer.

The ‘Seven Common Questions’ of chapter ten are the standard queries raised by an audience. The answers are gentle, clear and explain the biblical text. Whether they’re our questions or not they’ll be 'right on the money' for someone in our small group.

The book then concludes with a brief summary chapter and a chapter by chapter discussion guide with questions.

The real value of this book is that it improved my praying. It was a real shot in the arm. I think it’ll help everyone else whether we’re frequent prayers or whether it’s been quite some time since what we had might be described as a routine. If that’s a description that you recognise? Can I suggest that it’s been long enough? Don’t waste any more time in prayerlessness. Get a copy, get reading and get your Christian life back on the rails.


“Very useful and helpful book”

This book is excellent on thinking about what prayer is, how the Bible helps us to pray and what we should be praying for. Its looks at reasons why we don't pray and gives Biblical responses to them. A really good, but challenging book.


“Very helpful, practical and scriptural”

This book is very readable and realistic as it seeks to teach what prayer is and what it is not.It helped me to have a clearer idea about what I am supposed to be doing when I pray.It inspired me to continue the struggle to develop my relationship with my Maker and the Lord of the Universe by focussing on His plans, His desires and His promises as well as the anxieties of life.I am now rereading it.


“An excellent book that helped me to thinking Biblically about prayer”

By starting with what the Bible says about prayer and the God we pray to, Prayer and the Voice of God sets the groundwork for thinking about why and how we pray. This book doesn't offer quick-fix solutions but has helped me to see the privilege, importance and necessity of talking to God.

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Prayer and the Voice of God | Phillip Jensen, Tony Payne | £7.99 £6.39