Making the Most of the Rest of Your Life

An evangelistic book for the older generation by 76 year-old John Chapman.

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Making the Most of the Rest of Your Life - DVD

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The Bible teaches that all people will die, and all will survive the grave and live either with Christ or without him in eternity. 76-year-old evangelist John Chapman explores how we can know if this is true, and, if so, how to prepare for that eternity.

This is a warm-hearted, good-humoured and challenging evangelistic book for ‘seniors’. It explains how we can know about life after death, what the new creation will be like, and whether we can be sure of being part of it.

John Chapman writes,
"I am 76 years old. You may think it strange that I am writing about making the most of the rest of our lives. Humanly speaking, I don't have all that much left. The average male lives for 79 years. That doesn't leave me much time.

On the other hand, if there is life after death, if eternity is really eternity and I have the greater bulk of my life to look forward to, then that makes all the difference. If there is life after death, is it possible to make the most of it? Is it possible to prepare for that life, or is it totally a matter of chance? These are the questions I want to address in this short book."

Key benefits:
- Explains the gospel simply and clearly to an often-neglected group
- Large print for easy reading
- Looks at what the Bible teaches about eternity and the new creation, and how through Jesus we can be part of it

Useful for:
- Evangelistic ministry among retirees
- Giving to relatives

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  • 1. Life beyond the grave
  • 2. The new creation foretold
  • 3. What will the new creation be like?
  • 4. Who gets to go there?
  • 5. Will you be in the new creation?

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Author John Chapman
ISBN 9781921068768
Format Paperback
First published May 2007
Dimensions 150mm x 232mm x 4mm
Print size 11pt
Language English
Pages 64
Publisher Matthias Media
Independent reviews

Making the Most of the Rest of Your Life

Dave McDonald, Macarisms, May 3rd 2012

There’s nothing morbid about this book. Chappo has a cheeky sense of humour and it comes through in his writing. He writes with clarity and energy, and this is a book brimming with life and hope. Greater hope than you could ever imagine. A hope that motivates Chappo to write and share with others… while he still can, and while we can still read it (and it is printed in large type)!... continue reading

Customer reviews


“Very helpful! ”

A great book to give to elderly friends/relatives


“Excellent evangelical outreach tool”

Reviewed by the Deaconate and selected members of the church prior to use as an outreach item to a specific individual and generally accepted by those who read it as a very good evangelical message.


“An excellent book to give away to those later in life”

A no nonsense look at life and beyond. Helpful to get friends/relatives to think about Christ and where they stand with Him.


“Really short book to get you thinking about the end...”

Very short, easy to read - time to think about the end of your life that is fast approaching


“A short Evangelistic book to give to slightly older people”

I'm not old, or not that old, but i bought this to give to my Grandmother. She hasn't commented yet, but i read it through and thought it was great -simple, clear and thought-provoking.


“Good for those middle-aged and older but not sure about 90+”

Book purchased for my elderly father in his 90s. Good overall, but think it might be better for someone younger than this.


“Excellent review of Life's Achievements”

"Never say Die" ... there's always time for even greater achievements in our work for the Lord.


“A good conversation opener for parents, or older relations & friends”

Having always liked John Chapman's clear style, I was very happy to find out about this book, written especially for older folks who have not encountered Jesus before. Not so much about life now, but how to use what you have left to ensure you are with Jesus for eternity. He uses bible passages to clearly explain the gospel message and its urgent message.
I'm still praying that my parents will lose their apathy and come to believe. I hope they will read this book and take it seriously, but I can't control that part!



This book was a really good read and only takes about a couple of hours to read. A useful book to use with Christianity Explored. A good evangelistic tool could easily be given to any non-Christian or Christian friend.


“Never too old to think ahead”

It was a clergyman in his nineties who suggested to a discussion group that our next topic might be 'Making the most of the rest of your life'! All in the group are now reading it in preparation for our next session - both for our own benefit and to help in witness to others. John's writing is gently evangelistic, direct and full of humour - and the large print is a bonus. Definitely a book to give to older people to stimulate conversation about the things that matter most.

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Making the Most of the Rest of Your Life | John Chapman | £3.99 £3.19