Hitting the Holy Road (ebook)

Hitting the Holy Road ebook

A guided tour of Christian history from the early church to the Reformation

A lively new introduction to key people, places and events throughout Church history.

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'This book invites you on a journey through some of the regions and cities which have played a pivotal role in Christian history down through the ages. Along the way it provides you with an overview of the history of the church - warts and all - together with reflections on the lessons we may learn from the past.'

Stuart Coulton's lively and accessible survey covers the first fifteen centuries of Christian history, centred on Europe, and includes numerous photographs, timelines and text boxes.

Each chapter is divided into three sections:
• the first gives a short introduction to the historical location, providing a feel for the place today;
• the second discusses the story of the church during the relevant period, seeking not only to describe events but also to suggest some reasons for what happened and the consequences;
• the final section offers some reflections to stimulate thought and discussion.

Coulton's ultimate aim is to encourage us to look critically at ourselves, our churches and our communities, and to reflect carefully on what it means to follow Christ in a complex and at times confusing world.

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  • Foreword (by John Woodbridge)
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • 1. Spreading its Wings: The Expansion of Early Christianity to AD 312
  • 2. Setting the House in Order: Early Church Government
  • 3. Alienating the Neighbours: Persecution
  • 4. Defending the Faith
  • 5. Standing Firm for the Truth
  • 6. What must I do to be saved?
  • 7. Change and Decline in the Roman Empire
  • 8. This World is not my Home
  • 9. Out of Chaos: Eighth-Century Europe
  • 10. The Rise of the Medieval Papacy
  • 11. When Clergy Ruled the Earth
  • 12. Onward Christian Soldiers
  • 13. Medieval Monasticism
  • 14. The Journey to Reformation
  • 15. The Crisis in the Church
  • 16. Why I’d like to have a Beer with Luther
  • Epilogue
  • Bibliography


Author Stuart Coulton
ISBN 9781844747245
Format eBook
First published March 2011
Language English
Pages 280
Publisher IVP
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Hitting the Holy Road (ebook) | Stuart Coulton | £12.99 £10.39