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Health, Wealth, and the (Real) Gospel

The Prosperity Gospel Meets the Truths of Scripture

Refutes claims made by prosperity preachers by looking at the places in scripture that stand directly opposed to prosperity teachings.

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Naming and claiming promises of material blessing for those who believe enough may seem at first glance to be biblical but turn out to be a distortion of God’s truth.

Having experienced its damaging effects, Sean DeMars and Mike McKinley set out to reveal the insidious toxicity found in the prosperity gospel.

Beginning by countering claims made by the prosperity gospel with what scripture actually teaches, they highlight the places in scripture that stand directly opposed to prosperity teachings. They explore what the Bible teaches about whether people who believe false doctrine are eternally saved, and how to examine our hearts for a prosperity–style understanding of God.

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  • Introduction: Would Jesus Hate this Book?
  • 1. The Heart of the Prosperity Gospel
  • 2. Excuse Me, But Your Bible is Upside Down
  • 3. Yeah, But What About the Promises of Health and Happiness?
  • 4. Yeah, But What About the Promises of Wealth?
  • 5. Do TBN Viewers Go to Heaven?
  • 6. Should We Pray Together?
  • 7. The Prosperity Gospel Among the Orthodox

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ISBN 9781527108028
Format Paperback
First published March 2022
Dimensions 130mm x 198mm
Language English
Pages 112
Publisher Christian Focus

Brandon Kimber

Director of “American Gospel: Christ Alone”

Sean and Michael have written an honest and illuminating book that uses scripture (in context!) to confront all the core tenets of the prosperity gospel. It is also written in a way that is conversational, speaking the truth with directness in love. I pray the Lord will use this work to graciously reveal the glory of the true Christ to those in deception.

Mark Dever

Senior Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church and President,, Washington, DC

… insightful and humorous, wise and winsome, direct yet careful. I pray that God will cause your soul to prosper as you read this book.

Justin Peters

Founder of Justin Peters Ministries

I am so grateful for this book by Sean DeMars and Michael Mckinley. It is a very readable and thoroughly biblical exposure of the complete theological bankruptcy of one of the most egregious distortions of the Gospel ever to disgrace the name of Christ.

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Health, Wealth, and the (Real) Gospel | £8.99 £7.64