God Speaks

God Speaks

Hearing, connecting, relating

Ash Carter & Rich Alldritt

How does God speak? How should we respond when he does?

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God speaks. By his Spirit. Through the Bible. About his Son.

This is one of the most crucial things for any Christian to get to grips with. If we understand how God speaks, then we can truly know him. Everything else slots into place. We see Jesus clearly. We fall in love with him more deeply. We make sense of our world. But get this wrong and we lose it all.

This book covers the whole sweep of the subject from start to finish. It puts all the parts of the jigsaw in their proper place. Yet, mixing our metaphors, it’s also an appetizer, whetting your palate for more...

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Author Ash Carter, Rich Alldritt
ISBN 9781844748419
Format Paperback
First published April 2013
Dimensions 137mm x 215mm x 11mm
Print size 10pt
Language English
Pages 160
Publisher IVP

Jonathan Lamb

Director, Langham Preaching

We all long to hear God’s voice, but many of us are confused about exactly how to tune in. Here’s a crisp, clear and compelling guide to the joy of hearing the word of the Lord and meeting the Lord of the word.

Fiona MacDonald

Director of National Ministries, Scottish Bible Society

God Speaks is a deceptively simple book. A quick read with a fast paced and humorous narrative, it holds the attention of the reader with ease. But don’t be fooled, under the simplicity lie some of the most essential and necessary truths required for any Christian seeking to mature their relationship with God. As God reveals Himself to us - this book makes the mystery of that revelation accessible. As God desires to speak with us - this book encourages that conversation to begin.

William Taylor

Rector at St Helen’s, Bishopsgate

There can be few issues more important to the Christian than that of how God speaks. Hearing his voice is crucial to a healthy love for Jesus and a fruitful life in his service. This excellent book provides an outstanding introduction to the subject. It is clear, carefully presented and thoroughly readable. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

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God Speaks | Ash Carter, Rich Alldritt | £8.99 £7.19