Exodus 19-40: The Shadow of Glory

7 interactive Bible studies for small groups and individuals

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This series of seven studies takes you through Exodus 19-40 - one of the most significant sections of the entire Bible.

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The storyline is simple yet tragic. A gracious God has rescued his people, chosen them to live as his precious nation and graciously given them his law. But an ungracious people has immediately let him down. How can God continue to be gracious, yet be true to his just standard?

This series of seven studies takes you through Exodus 19-40 - one of the most significant sections of the entire Bible. It not only lays the foundation of God's relationship with his chosen people Israel, but also foreshadows the glorious relationship of God with all humanity through Jesus Christ.

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  • How to make the most of these studies
  • Study 1: Birth of a nation - Exodus 19
  • Study 2: The gift of the Law - Exodus 20
  • Study 3: A delightful law - Exodus 20:22-23:19
  • Study 4: Blood and eating - Exodus 23:20-24:18
  • Study 5: A shadow of glory - Exodus 25-31 and 35:1-40:33
  • Study 6: God repents - Exodus 32
  • Study 7: The hope of glory - Exodus 33-34 and 40:34-38

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Author Andrew Reid
ISBN 9781921441110
Format Saddle stitch
First published August 2008
Dimensions 149mm x 220mm x 4mm
Language English
Pages 48
No. of studies 7
Publisher Matthias Media
Customer reviews


“Excellent for our study group”

This is the follow on study book after 'Out of Darkness' which was the first half of Exodus and also very good. The studies suited our small group of believers who are several years in the Lord and well acquainted with studies that ask you to think for yourself. We particularly liked the linkage to the NT and application to modern living. Well constructed studies and generally the questions were good and relevant.


“very good”

Our Bible study group really enjoyed Exodus and we relied heavily on this guide for the second half of the book. It dealt with the tabernacle sections in a quick and clear way, which was useful. It also continually encouraged us to think biblically and see the New Testament references to Exodus passages and themes. I think the group has a more thorough understanding of what God was doing with Israel during Exodus as well as an understanding of how Moses was a fore-runner/type of Christ. Most of the group will go away and read Exodus again very soon, which is always a good thing!


“very good”

Used it with a women's bible study group and the average score was 4 out of 5. It made a difficult chunk of the bible interesting and accessible.There was some new stuff even for folks who'd studied this passage many times before and this was very refreshing. It was particularly helpful relating it to the New Testament and the section, thinking biblically and implecations' was very good. A little explanation on some of the sections that were not included, for example the killing carried out by the Levites, would have been good, but you can't cover everything !

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Exodus 19-40: The Shadow of Glory | Andrew Reid | £3.50 £2.80