Club Olympics - FREE DOWNLOAD

Club Olympics - FREE DOWNLOAD

Ken Campbell
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This is a basic outline for a four-session holiday club based on the Olympic Games It is evangelistic and teaches about the gospel from Paul's speech in Athens (Acts 17:16-34). It was written by Ken Campbell of St Ebbe's Church, Oxford.

It uses the images from Two Ways to Live to make medals each day - we have made these images available for download at an appropriate size also.

You will have to put a fair bit of work into shaping it for your circumstances, but we think the material is excellent. All the materials are saved as PDFs, so should be readily readable and printable from any computer. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader required to read and print PDFs, it is available from the Adobe website.

If you want to give away copies of the new Childrens' version of Two Ways to Live 'Who will be King', you can order it through this website, or by calling us on 0845-225-0880.

If you want to get in touch with Ken direct to ask him any questions about the material, then you can contact Him on

Use of this material is entirely free. Please note that there is copyright on the 2wtl pictures, and they should not be used for anything other than making medals for this holiday club.

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Author Ken Campbell
Format Digital Download
First published October 2006
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews



I couldn't find the images online that were not blurry. These pictures r great quality. Can't wait to show the kids this important message!


“Works for Sunday school too!”

I adapted this from a holiday club setting to small Sunday school class which took some doing but I pray it was worth it. Rather than making medals with the pictures I made a book with them which we added to each week, this was then a great tool for recapping each Sunday as well as catching up for those who missed a week. I have found that by using the pictures as the recap really helped them concentrate, as they explained the meaning behind the image to the rest of the class. They are aged between 8 and 11. The leaders notes needed a bit of work to adapt as they often needed more than one adult, but it can be done. I have then ordered the 'who will be King' booklets for the class to take home. All in all a great way to explain to Gospel.

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