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Body Image

A Student’s Guide to Body Image

Short helpful guide encourages us to look to Scripture to find out where our true value and worth lie.

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“Mirror, Mirror on the wall…”

Most of us have a complicated relationship with what we see in the mirror. Julie Lowe’s short, helpful guide encourages us to look to Scripture to find out where our true value and worth lie. She shows how we were created in God’s image, designed to worship Him. This truth transforms our primary concern and directs us to a better question: how can we best use our bodies to honour Him?

Track is a series of books designed to disciple the next generation in the areas of culture, doctrine, and the Christian life. While the topics addressed aren’t always simple, they are communicated in a manner that is. 

With the intention of the content being absorbed, examined and applied, each chapter includes a summary of the main point, and reflection questions that can be used individually, in 1–2–1 mentoring or in a group setting.

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    • Our Battle with the Mirror
    • Does Scripture Speak to This?
    • It Touches Us All
    • Mirrors Lie and Mirrors Isolate
    • The Illusion
    • Is the Answer More Self–Esteem?
    • Where Does Real Beauty Come From?
    • How Do We Change?
    • Is it Wrong to Care About Appearance?
    • This Also Changes our Relationships
    • Appendix A: Next Steps
    • Appendix B: Further Reading

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Age range: 15+
Contributors Julie E Lowe
ISBN 9781527110045
Format Paperback
First published September 2024
Dimensions 110mm x 178mm x 4mm
Weight 0.08 kg
Language English
Pages 88
Publisher Christian Focus

Kristen Hatton

Author of The Gospel Centered Life in Exodus, Face Time, and Get Your Story Straight

This is the body image book I wish I had years ago! … I can’t wait to put this in the hands of those I counsel!

Ellen Mary Dykas

Women’s Ministry Coordinator, Harvest USA; Author of ‘Sexual Sanity for Women: Healing from Sexual and Relational Brokenness’ and ‘Sex and the Single Girl: Smart Ways to Care for Your Heart’

Julie Lowe has long been a highly esteemed counselor, teacher, and wise guide in the care of souls for me. Her thoughtful wisdom is grounded in the truth of Christ and decades of experience not only in the counseling room but as a mother to several kids; she wrote this book out of the trenches of life!

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Body Image | Julie E Lowe |
£3.99 £3.39