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Bible Investigators: Creation

Puzzles and Activities for Independent Learning

from 32 reviews

Activity book bursting with brain-teasing puzzles, which helps kids investigate the Bible for themselves.

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Bursting with 90 brain-teasing puzzles, 40 Bible passages and 30 concepts regarding God’s creation, this lesson-and-activity book will give kids aged 8-12 skills to investigate the Bible for themselves—like a real investigator! 

As kids apply logic and solve challenging puzzles, they will dive deeply into Scripture and examine the Bible’s account of creation, picking up lots of skills for reading and interpreting the Bible.

As well as lots of puzzles, there are journalling boxes for kids to make observations and reflect on what they have learned. 

Great for use in homeschools (independent work, morning time or Bible lessons) and also great for churches to use with kids. 

Fun for road trips and rainy days too!

If you have bought a copy of this book, and have more than one child using it, you have permission to print out further copies of the puzzles. You can find these by using the web link printed on page 261 of the book.

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  • Introduction: You Are a Bible Investigator!

    Section One: God Created Everything in the Beginning

    1. God Created All Things Out of Nothing Genesis 1:1-2a

    2. Every House Has a Builder. Hebrews 3:4

    3. God Created the World for His Creatures Isaiah 45:18

    4. It Was All Good Genesis 1:31a

    5. God’s Works Are Wondrous Psalm 145:1-13

    Section Two: The Story of Creation

    6. Let There Be Light! (Day 1). Genesis 1:3-5, 2 Corinthians 4:6

    7. The Sky Above (Day 2) Genesis 1:6-8, Jeremiah 10:12

    8. Dirt and Potatoes (Day 3) Genesis 1:9-13, Psalm 104:14

    9. Time for the Universe (Day 4) Genesis 1:14-19, Psalm 104:19-23

    10. Creatures That Swim and Fly (Day 5) Genesis 1:20-23, Psalm 104:16-17, 24-25

    11. Beasts of the Earth and People (Day 6) Genesis 1:24-27

    Section Three: God Made Me

    12. God Gave Me Life Job 33:4

    13. God Formed Me Wonderfully Psalm 139:13-16

    14. God Gives Everyone Life and Breath Acts 17:24-28

    15. God Created Me for His Glory  Isaiah 43:6b-7

    Section Four: Our Creator God

    16. God Is Eternal Psalm 90:2

    17. God Is Powerful (Sovereign) Psalm 33:8-9

    18. God Is Uncreated Psalm 102:25-27, Revelation 1:8

    19. God the Father Created Genesis 1:26a, Jeremiah 32:17

    20. God the Son Created John 1:1-3

    21. God the Holy Spirit Created Psalm 104:24, 30, Genesis 1:2

    Section Five: God’s Good Creation Gifts

    22. Every Good Gift Is from God James 1:17, John 3:27b

    23. God Blesses Us (Babies, Dominion, Food) Genesis 1:28-29

    24. God Gives Us the Sabbath Genesis 2:1-3, Exodus 20:8-10a, 11

    25. God Gives Us Work Genesis 2:15, Proverbs 28:19, Colossians 3:23-24

    26. God Gives Us Marriage Genesis 2:18-24

    Section Six: God’s Great Salvation Plan

    27. To Disobey God Is to Sin Genesis 2:16-17, John 14:15

    28. Adam and Eve Sinned (and So Have I) Genesis 3:1-7, Romans 3:23

    29. Jesus Pays for Our Sin Ephesians 2:4-9

    30. Believe in Jesus and Confess Belief Romans 10:9-10


Age range: 8+
Contributors Danika Cooley
ISBN 9781784989415
Format Paperback
First published February 2024
Dimensions 216mm x 279mm x 21mm
Weight 0.85 kg
Language English
Pages 272
Publisher The Good Book Company

Jay Payleitner

Speaker; Author, 52 Things Kids Need from a Dad, The Next Verse and Hooray for Grandparents!

There’s no better way to appreciate Creation than by being creative yourself! Using unique and challenging activities, Danika Cooley teases your brain, spurs your critical thinking skills, and propels you into fresh revelation about the world, God’s plan, and your own future. With every page turn, you can expect the unexpected!

Lisa Tawn Bergren

Author of the God Gave Us… series

When I was a kid, memorizing Scripture felt like a chore. Danika is on to something special with the Bible Investigators series… not only assisting kids to memorize a verse, but also to understand it and apply it to their lives—in a totally FUN way. I'm going to buy these engaging books for every preteen I know!

Bob Hartman

Author, Rhyming Bible and The Lion Storytelling Bible

I am always impressed when someone comes up with a new way of introducing children to the Bible. And this book is very impressive, indeed. Filled with puzzles and challenges, it invites readers to explore the themes of Genesis, helps them to come to grips with some very sophisticated theological ideas, and equips them with the tools to understand the rest of the Bible, too.

Customer reviews

17 May 2024

“AWESOME book for adding to my homeschool curriculum!”

📔 Where are my homeschoolmom ladies? If you are looking for an AMAZING puzzle and activity book for the subject of Biblical creation for your 8-12 year olds (I will be using with my 6 and 8 year olds), grab this one!

📔 Bible Investigators Creation by Danika Cooley is the book you need!

📔 I love all of the amazing activities this book has that gets the reader involved in learning details about the Creation.

📔 This book is a wonderful tool to help you not only learn, but also think about and apply God's Word to your life.

📔 You could even use this book as part of your #biblejournaling pages!

1 Apr 2024

“So fun!”

I would have loved this as a kid! I love that it incorporates a variety of kinds of puzzles into a book that teaches truths about creation. Some of it may seem repetitive but I think this book will really help kids retain this knowledge.

Plus they will enjoy the process of figuring out the answers on their own. It will get them in their Bibles and make them use their brain.

I hope The Good Book Company puts out more like this with other doctrinal or theological concepts. It's a great teaching tool.

My oldest is 7 and there are some parts she will be able to do on her own and others that I need to help her with or explain to her how the puzzle works. She hasn't gotten super excited about it yet but I think she's on the cusp of diving in!

9 Mar 2024

“We loved this”

I got this for my 8 year-old who is getting ready to do some independent Bible study. She loved the games and activities. I love how it walks children through the creation story, helping them build foundational Bible study skills, focusing on logic and critical thinking skills (2 very important things when it comes to reading the scripture)

9 Mar 2024

“Rare, fun and faithful resource!”

Fun, interactive Biblical resources for the middle-school aged is rare, so I was really excited to see this new resource!

My daughter is 7 and a voracious reader, who is beginning to read the Bible for herself (apart from Bible storybooks). We are currently using this new resource as part of our morning time. Each lesson is quite long (probably more suitable for 10-12yos), so we only work through part of the lesson each time. The material is fun and engaging, and with some assistance, she was able to complete a puzzle and work out a Bible verse in one setting. It's helped her pick up skills to read and interpret the Bible, and we also loved the journalling spaces to write/draw our reflections. This is a wonderful resource to learn from the Word with my daughter this year.

I hope there will be more to come from this Bible investigators series!

Note: I've received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

7 Mar 2024

“Absolutely FANTASTIC Resource for Independent Learning about the Bible”

This is one of my favourite children's books this year! It's jam-packed with puzzles that help children consider God's role in creation, including word searches, drawings, memorisation, and crosswords. Each section has quite a lot of written content, so I think the 8-12s age range is spot on, with perhaps a 6/7 year old with a good reading level able to engage with some of the puzzles. It's also great value for a 270-page activity book which will last ages! Absolutely would recommend it!

23 Feb 2024

“Exciting Connections between Science & Faith”

I'm looking forward to incorporating this for my kids in our homeschooling time. We don't do too many workbooks, but they love when we do. It's very well-made & full of interesting facts. And I especially love how it all ties back in with the Bible.

22 Feb 2024

“Excellent resources for families”

When you’re a nature loving family and The Good Book Company releases the most AMAZING activity and puzzle book!

🍁 🦅 🌍 🐠 🐚 🌲 🪼 🐞 🐈‍⬛

Danika Cooley’s ‘Bible Investigators: Creation’ activity and puzzle book is aimed at 8-12 year olds.

The introduction begins by cultivating at atmosphere of independently learning and investigation by reminding the reader that God call’s each and every one us of to be a Bible Detective.

Students are encouraged to;
✨Observe: Pay attention to what they’re reading
✨Interpret: Figure out what the specific Bible text means
✨Apply: Decide how the truth of God’s Word impacts their life today

This is a brilliant resource for any Christian family who wants to explore God’s wonderful creation, learn more about the Bible, encourage personal devotional time for their kids, and loves puzzles!

What is your favourite animal or plant in God’s created world? I absolutely adore Tasmanian Devils! ✍️

Thank you @thegoodbookau for providing me with this copy 🎁

17 Feb 2024

“Incredible Resource!”

What a fun and incredible resource! The minute I handed this to my ten year old, she ran to the table to begin working out puzzles, and within minutes, had her Bible open next to her as she searched for answers. She absolutely loves it, and I love that the activities are building her biblical literacy and critical thinking skills as she studies the Word!

This has also made a great book to take out and about with us!

I hope there may be more to come in this series!

Thank you, @thegoodbookcompanyusa , for the gifted copy! It was a pleasure to review and provide my honest thoughts, and my kids are so excited to continue working through this book!

9 Feb 2024

“Scripture Rich, Fun, and Engaging”

This book is full of fun and engaging activities that take students deep into the word of God and an understanding of creation. I love that they don’t sacrifice content and substance for fun and fluff but still are able to be engaging through a variety of different activities.

9 Feb 2024

“Much needed”

This is a fantastic resource. As we all know, we learn much better when we write or share what we've learnt so this is wonderful for helping children fully own their knowledge of biblical truths.

It's fun, interactive and has a huge amount of variety.

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Bible Investigators: Creation | Danika Cooley |
£14.99 £12.74