But is it true?

But is it true?

Honest Responses to 10 Popular Objections to the Christian Faith

Honest Responses to 10 Popular Objections to the Christian Faith

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Surely faith is irrational? And hasn’t science buried God? Isn’t faith a psychological crutch or sociological construct? Don’t you need evidence? Wasn’t Jesus just another myth? Can we really believe the miracle stories? How do we know that the accounts of Jesus weren’t just made up? Hasn’t the Bible been distorted? Did Jesus really claim to be God? Did the resurrection actually happen? And what has it got to do with us anyway?

The Christian faith may seem attractive, but is it true? … And what if it is true? Could our desires actually be a pointer to the God who really is there and desires to be known by us?

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Author Michael Ots
ISBN 9781783594047
Format Paperback
First published February 2016
Dimensions 138mm x 216mm x 15mm
Language English
Pages 176
Publisher IVP
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Apologetics made Extremely Enjoyable

Euan Dodds, Evangelicals Now, August 1st 2016

This book would be ideal for the young Christian seeking to be built up in their faith. It would be profitable for Christian Union members to read before a university mission. It would also be extremely beneficial for anyone preparing a lunch-bar or evangelistic talk looking for sound arguments and memorable quotes and anecdotes. At heart it is an evangelistic book, so let me encourage you to persuade an unbelieving friend to read it, or even to read it with you, and pray that they will find in response to the book’s title that – yes – the gospel is true.... continue reading

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But is it true? | Michael Ots | £8.99 £7.19