A Brief Theology of Periods (Yes, really)

An Adventure for the Curious into Bodies, Womanhood, Time, Pain and Purpose—and How to Have a Better Time of the Month

What does the Bible say about periods?

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The average woman has 500 periods in her lifetime. And whether yours are mildly annoying, utterly debilitating or emotionally complicated, most of us have at one time or another asked: Why?!

This warm, light-hearted, real, honest and at times surprising book gives a biblical perspective on menstruation, as well as a whole lot more. Beginning with periods, Rachel Jones takes readers on an adventure in theology, weaving together wide-ranging reflections on the nature of our bodies, the passing of time, the purpose of pain, and the meaning of life.

One thing is for sure: you’ve never read a Christian book quite like this one.

Whether you’re in need of hope and help, or are just downright curious, you’ll be refreshed and encouraged by this book. As Rachel puts it, “Whoever you are, my aim is that you reach the end of this book celebrating who God has made you, how God has saved you, and the fact that he speaks liberating and positive truth into all of life’s experiences (even periods)”.

Rachel Jones is a Bible teacher, editor at The Good Book Company, conference speaker and award-winning author.

A free 'host guide' containing Bible studies and discussion guides is available as a downloadable PDF for those who want to discuss this subject more widely in small groups.

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  • Intro: So Many Reasons
  • 1. So Much Potential
  • 2. So Much Pain
  • 3. So Much Mess
  • 4. So Many Feelings
  • 5. So Little Time
  • Outro: Nothing but the Blood
  • Q+A section

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Author Rachel Jones
ISBN 9781784986216
Format Paperback
First published May 2021
Dimensions 129mm x 198mm x 12mm
Language English
Pages 128
Publisher The Good Book Company

Jen Wilkin

Author, None Like Him and Ten Words to Live By

One of my favorite scenes in the Gospels is when Jesus explains salvation to Nicodemus. Without a hint of awkwardness or hesitation, he employs the metaphor of female reproduction: womb, water, and blood. Yet, in the church today, the female reproductive cycle is still regarded as taboo to speak of, let alone to ponder in relation to our faith. I’m deeply grateful that Rachel Jones has endeavored to dignify what God has architected and to help us consider what we might learn from that design. As the prevailing culture dismantles the categories of male and female before our eyes, Rachel shows us how precious the gift of our female biology is, and all the more for the theology it illustrates.

Linda Allcock

Author, Deeper Still

Clever, theologically robust, and with real depth, A Brief Theology of Periods digs into what it means to be a woman from a fascinating angle. This is, though, not just for women—everyone will find this book illuminating in a profoundly helpful way.

Jennie Pollock

Author, If Only

Embarrassing. Messy. Uncomfortable. Gross. Periods can be all of these things and more, but this book is none of them. A witty, insightful introduction to the marvels of menstruation and how our periods can point us to God. Yes, really.

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A Brief Theology of Periods (Yes, really) | Rachel Jones | £7.99 £6.79