Heroes and Heroines Box Set

Heroes and Heroines Box Set

Trailer Blazers Box Set

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This giftbox collection of colourful trailblazer stories makes a perfect present that will delight young minds.

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This giftbox collection features some of the great Christian heroes and heroines who will inspire young and old alike. This edition includes Corrie ten Boom's story, showing how God's love and forgiveness can exist even in a Nazi concentration camp and Richard Wurmbrand, who was arrested by the Government of Romania in the 1960s, he was convicted of a crime - Loving Jesus.

Full set includes:
- A voice in the Dark
- The Children's Champion
- Finish The Race
- The Watchmaker's Daughter
- Behind Enemy Lines

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Age range: 9 - 14
ISBN 9781781916384
First published 2016
Dimensions 110mm x 180mm x 55mm
Language English
Publisher Christian Focus
Customer reviews

“Just what I needed.”

Super set of books looking at the lives of Christian heroes and heroines. Exactly what I wanted and inspiring for the younger readers as well.


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Heroes and Heroines Box Set | £24.99 £19.99