Hebrews - From Shadow To Reality (IBS)

Hebrews - From Shadow To Reality (IBS)

10 interactive Bible studies for small groups and individuals

Discover powerful challenges and rich teaching about Jesus in these 10 studies on Hebrews.

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Some Christians find the book of Hebrews a daunting prospect, with its detailed arguments about angels, Melchizedek and the shortcomings of the old covenant.

However, as if so often the case, God knows better than us what we need. On closer inspection, Hebrews is not only more straightforward than it first appears, but also very practical and relevant to our daily struggles as Christians. It is full of rich teaching about Jesus, the pioneer of our salvation, as well as strong and sobering encouragements to remain faithful to him, and to hold fast our confidence to the end.

Joshua Ng has done a masterful job of opening up this part of God's word, guiding us through its complexities, and pointing us to the powerful challenges it contains.

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  • How to make the most of these studies
  • 1. Overview: from shadow to reality
  • 2. Don't ignore God's final word
  • (Heb 1:1-2:4)
  • 3. The Man who rules the future
  • (Heb 2:5-3:6)
  • 4. Don't miss out
  • (Heb 3:7-4:13)
  • 5. Can a Christian fall away?
  • (Heb 4:14-6:20)
  • 6. 'Mel' who?
  • (Heb 7:1-28)
  • 7. The Obsoletor
  • (Heb 8:1-9:28)
  • 8. The priest who sat down
  • (Heb 10:1-25)
  • 9. No faith, no finish
  • (Heb 10:26-12:13)
  • 10. True worship
  • (Heb 12:14-13:25)


Author Joshua Ng
ISBN 9781921441301
Format Paperback
First published January 2015
Dimensions 150mm x 220mm x 4mm
Language English
Pages 88
No. of studies 10
Publisher Matthias Media
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Hebrews - From Shadow To Reality (IBS) | Joshua Ng | £3.50 £2.80