Gospel Speech Online

Gospel Speech Online

Speaking the Truth in Love in a Digital World

This book explores aspects of the online world and how we can speak the truth of the gospel online.

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If you have an internet connection, chances are you’ve witnessed or engaged in some form of online discussion—perhaps with just one or two others via email, or with dozens of people on a social media platform like Facebook.

No doubt some of those interactions have been fun, civilised and intellectually stimulating. Others... well, not so much.

As Christians we know the importance of our speech. Yet the fingers on our keyboard can be as hard to tame as our tongue (James 3:8).

In this fascinating book, Lionel Windsor shines a healthy spotlight on the advantages, pitfalls and peculiar nature of the online world and explores how it affects the way we relate to others. His goal is to help you speak the truth of the gospel in love—even online.

Gospel Speech Online also features an introduction by Tony Payne on the importance of words and how words build.

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  • Introduction: Building with words
  • 1. Speaking in an online world
  • 2. The paradoxes of social media
  • 3. Speaking Christian
  • 4. Opportunities in the online world
  • 5. Challenges in the online world
  • 6. Learning to speak


Author Lionel Windsor
ISBN 9781922206169
Format Paperback
First published 2017
Dimensions 115mm x 173mm x 4.8mm
Language English
Pages 64
Publisher Matthias Media
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Gospel Speech Online | Lionel Windsor | £3.49 £1.00