Gospel Centered Church

Becoming the community God wants you to be

A workbook exploring what a true gospel ministry might look like.

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Gospel ministry is much more than simply evangelism. It is about shaping the whole of our church life and activities by the content of and imperatives of the gospel. It is about ensuring that our church or group is motivated by and focused on the gospel, as opposed to our traditions, or the scores of other worthy causes and needs that could fill our time.

The principles contained in this workbook are an attempt to articulate what a true gospel ministry might look like. They are principles that can be worked out in a range of situations, from Sunday school or youth work to a whole congregation.

This workbook is not a recipe for success, but is rather designed to help clarify our thinking about how to be more faithful to God's saving message—not only in what we say, but in how we live our lives as the people of God.

Steve Timmis and Dr Tim Chester have years of experience behind them in churches large and small. Currently, they are part of the leadership team of The Crowded House—a church planting initiative which started in Sheffield.

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  • Introduction
  • Finding your way around
  • Part One: The Priority of Mission
  • 1. Mission at the centre
  • 2. Mission for everyone
  • 3. Mission and worship
  • 4. Mission without walls
  • 5. Mission without compromise
  • 6. Mission without fear
  • Part Two: The Priority of People
  • 7. The priority of people
  • 8. People in relationships
  • 9. People in partnership
  • 10. People enabled for service
  • 11. People not programmes
  • 12. People not buildings
  • Part Three: The Priority of Community
  • 13. The priority of community
  • 14. A persuasive community
  • 15. A welcoming community
  • 16. An inclusive community
  • 17. A multiplying community
  • Conclusion
  • 18. The gospel-centred church
  • Further reading


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Author Steve Timmis, Tim Chester
ISBN 9781905564293
Format Paperback
First published January 2004
Dimensions 158mm x 224mm x 5.2mm
Language English
Pages 96
No. of studies 18
Publisher The Good Book Company

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Independent reviews

Gospel Centered Church

Chet Daniels, The Gospel Coalition, June 23rd 2011

I have come to love the way in which, time and again, Steve Timmis and Tim Chester, challenge the modern day perception of church. Gospel Centered Church is a challenging and thought-provoking, easy-to-use resource to help individuals, groups of believers, or entire churches embrace Christ's mission together as a community of those he has redeemed.... continue reading

Gospel Centred Church

Dave McDonald, Macarisms, April 2nd 2013

This book will get churches and Christians thinking afresh. It will challenge our sacred cows, demolish some of our idols, and question our priorities and practices. It will help you to start thinking, planning, praying, speaking and living as a missionary. You don’t have to get a passport and visa to become a missionary. The need is right around you.... continue reading

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Gospel Centered Church | Steve Timmis, Tim Chester | £4.99 £4.24