Glorious Union

Glorious Union

Flourishing in marriage and ministry

This is not a book about marriage nor is it a book about ministry; rather this book is focused uniquely on the union of marriage and ministry.

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These two areas can both be glorious, but all too often can be areas of difficulty, trial and sin. We can sometimes fail to take an honest look at our marriages and ministries because admitting we need help feels weak and change can seem impossible.

In this inherently practical book, Adrian and Celia Reynolds share wisdom they have gleaned through their experience of both marriage and ministry. They write honestly, compassionately and with a desire to sees lives changed by the gospel. This isn’t just a book to read, but a workbook with exercises to complete with your spouse that will help you see afresh the glory and privilege of being called to both marriage and ministry.

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Author Adrian Reynolds, Celia Reynolds
ISBN 9781910587942
Format Paperback
First published November 2016
Dimensions 113mm x 178mm
Language English
Publisher 10 Publishing
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Glorious Union | Adrian Reynolds, Celia Reynolds | £2.99 £2.54