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The Dragon and the Stone

The Dream Keeper Saga Book 1

Book 1 in the Dream Keeper Saga - an adventure novel series for kids 8-12 with Christian Themes.

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Even though she’s only 12 years old, Lily McKinley already feels the weight of the world’s brokenness. She’s seen it in her mother’s exhaustion, her grandmother’s illness, and the cruelty of Adam, the bully at her school. But most tragically, she experienced it two months ago when her father died in a terrible accident.

As an artistic daydreamer, Lily has a brilliant imagination to help her cope, but that imagination often gets her into trouble. One day, it transports her to a fantasy world called the Somnium Realm, where her father’s secret history embroils her in an epic quest. With the help of a dragon guide named Cedric, Lily battles evil shrouds, harpies, and other creatures to find her way through grief, rescue the world from evil, and discover the power of redemption.

This thrilling novel by Kathryn Butler mixes fantasy with Christian themes, taking kids 8-12 on a quest through castles, forests, and caverns to help a young girl find hope and usher in restoration.

- Christian Themes: This exciting story invites readers into deep conversations about the gospel and theological issues including faith, mourning, sacrifice, salvation, and redemption

- Ideal for kids 8-12 and Families: Includes kids’ favourite fantasy and adventure elements with imaginative new characters and settings they’ll love

- Book 1 in the Dream Keeper Saga by Kathryn Butler

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  • Chapter 1: The Dragon in the Kitchen
    Chapter 2: The Knight in the Schoolyard
    Chapter 3: An Intruder in the Fortress
    Chapter 4: Race for Ambush Ledge
    Chapter 5: Twilight
    Chapter 6: Ogres and Kestrels
    Chapter 7: The Wilderness
    Chapter 8: The Cliff
    Chapter 9: Pax
    Chapter 10: Downriver
    Chapter 11: The Cascades
    Chapter 12: The Basin
    Chapter 13: The Cat and the Harpy
    Chapter 14: The Flying Emerald
    Chapter 15: Castle Iridyll
    Chapter 16: The Council
    Chapter 17: The Song
    Chapter 18: The Quest Begins
    Chapter 19: Fire in the Air
    Chapter 20: Lost in the Desert
    Chapter 21: The Forgotten
    Chapter 22: The Cave of Lights
    Chapter 23: Treachery
    Chapter 24: The Petrified Forest
    Chapter 25: The Catacombs
    Chapter 26: Eymah
    Chapter 27: The Escape
    Chapter 28: Beginnings and Endings

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Age range: 8+
Contributors Kathryn Butler
ISBN 9781433579479
Format Paperback
First published May 2022
Dimensions 140mm x 216mm x 14mm
Weight 0.33 kg
Language English
Pages 304
Publisher Crossway

Gloria Furman

Author of Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full and The Pastor's Wife

I could not put this book down! Butler brings creative imagination and spiritual depth together in a way that keeps children engaged and curious. The larger-than-life storyline of The Dragon and the Stone is worth daydreaming about at your desk and discussing with your family around the table. Be prepared for your kids to initiate creative projects after reading!

James D. Witmer

Managing Editor, StoryWarren.com; author, A Year in the Big Old Garden, Beside the Pond, and The Strange New Dog

The Dragon and the Stone displays all the imagination a book about the realm of dreams should have. The stakes are high—in that realm, and this—but it’s worth braving the dangers.

Betsy Childs Howard

Author, blogger and Gospel Coalition Editor

The Dragon and the Stone invites young readers to make an exciting journey into the realm of dreams with Lily McKinley and her eccentric companions. With a great deal of inventiveness and a touch of whimsy, Kathryn Butler takes the reader on a perilous ride that they won't want to end. I was gripped from the first chapter, and I expect families will soon be clamoring for the next book in The Dream Keeper Saga!

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The Dragon and the Stone | Kathryn Butler |
£10.99 £8.79