Beautiful Freedom

How the Bible Shapes Your View of Appearance, Food, and Fitness

Explore God’s priorities for the way you live, eat and exercise.

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To be released on 1 May 2024
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Every day we are exposed to messages about health, food, exercise and looking good. It's hard not to get swept along with it all; in fact, it’s easy to end up caring too much about these things and even to feel trapped trying to live up to the ideals that we see in the media. 

Author Stacy Reaoch points you to the Bible to find freedom! The Bible tells us that our physical selves do matter. But it also invites us to think about our bodies in a God-centred way—helping us to reset and find a balanced approach that is grounded in our faith.

Beautiful Freedom is an invitation to love the body God gave you and to explore his priorities for the ways in which you live, eat and exercise. 

This book will help you find freedom from damaging narratives about weight, fitness, appearance and ageing. Even better, it will turn your gaze towards Jesus and help you love him more and more.

Reflection questions at the end of each chapter are useful both for personal reflection and group study.

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  • Introduction

    1. A Beautiful Life

    2. Whose Kingdom Are You Seeking?

    3. Apathy, Obsession, and a Healthy Balance

    4. Buns of Steel: A Biblical View on Exercise

    5. You Are What You Eat? A Biblical View on Food Restrictions

    6. The Chocolate Calf: A Biblical View on Overindulgence

    7. A Crown of Glory: A Biblical View on Beauty and Aging


    Appendix: The Red Flags of Disordered Eating


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Contributors Stacy Reaoch
ISBN 9781784989736
Format Paperback
First published May 2024
Dimensions 129mm x 198mm x 10mm
Weight 0.16 kg
Language English
Pages 160
Publisher The Good Book Company

Courtney Reissig

Author of Teach Me to Feel and Glory in the Ordinary

To be a modern woman is to struggle with how we look. We’re confronted with images of beauty, ideas about what to eat, and our own internal struggles with our bodies. In Beautiful Freedom, Stacy Reaoch diagnoses and gives the solution to our ever-compounding struggles with body image. If you think you’re immune to this, Stacy shows how it impacts everyone. But even more helpfully, she points to the path towards freedom—where we see everything we have as a gift from God to be stewarded for his glory.

David Mathis

Executive Editor at and author of Habits of Grace

Many today are turning new attention to our bodies and the very practical issues of exercise, aging, and what we eat and how much—but few provide deeply Christian counsel. Stacy Reaoch knows the perils of our pendulum swings between apathy and obsession, but even more, she wants to help readers to find not just ‘balance’ but deep and enduring joy in Jesus, with genuine love for others. She sees these important issues in light of our ultimate reality, which enables her to meet our pressing need for wisdom, rather than scratch the itch for quick and easy answers.

Erin Davis

Revive Our Hearts; author of Fasting and Feasting and Beyond Bath Time

Young or old, thick or thin, mostly satisfied or perpetually frustrated by what you see when you look in the mirror: whoever you are, you need an embodied theology, a grid for thinking about your body and beauty that is more than skin-deep. In her thought-provoking book, Beautiful Freedom, Stacy Reaoch will help you see yourself through the lens of God’s unchanging word. In seeing his heart rightly, you’ll finally be able to see yourself and your body choices with hope and freedom. You’ll want to share this book with every woman you know.

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Beautiful Freedom | Stacy Reaoch |
£8.99 £7.19